16 best stylish planters for indoors and outdoors in 2021

16 best stylish planters for indoors and outdoors in 2021

Looking for ways to get your hands dirty this spring? When it comes to planting spring greenery and blooms, it's important to not only choose lush, beautiful plants that reflect your personal style, but also to find the perfect planters, pots and plant stands to make your little oasis pop.

Whether you're planting container gardens for the back porch or adding a few potted plants to your home office, greenery makes any space look more welcoming and cheerful.

So grab a few of these affordable and stylish planters, head to your local garden center and get ready to create the perfect grouping of green with these gorgeous and versatile planters.

Stylish pots and planters for your home

1. Oasis Ecossentials Ellipse Vase

This modern vase is made from eco-friendly byproducts from agricultural harvests such as straw, bamboo and corn. And, it's a dead ringer for a stone vase with its natural coloring. Want more? You can grab a six-pack at SupplyFlora.


2. MadeTerra Macrame Plant Hanger Shelf

Add a few of your favorite tiny planters to this shelf from MadeTerra to create a trendy display of plants that truly reflects your personal style. Amazon MadeTerra

3. JCPenney Outdoor Oasis Planters

Instant garden alert! This quirky set of colorful metal flower pots comes with stylish white stands that place each at a different height for a perfect display.


4. PlantX Panda Planter

Add a bit of cuteness to your planting with this sweet panda planter from PlantX. Its small size makes it perfect for an air plant, succulent or small houseplant.


5. Hilo Basket Planter

Not only is this simple basket planter stunning to look at, but it also comes with an iron plant pedestal that adds to its boho modern vibe.

West Elm  

6. Opalhouse Stoneware Family Planter

There's nothing better than a planter with a face that turns any plant into an instant hair 'do.


7. MadeTerra Woven Natural Seaglass Pot Cover

Already have a plant you love, but aren't a fan of the pot? Keep things simple by covering your current planter with this gorgeous woven pot cover, no re-potting necessary. Amazon MadeTerra  

8. Outdoor Oasis Planter

Two-toned and enforced with wooden legs, this planter is the stylish and colorful boost your home needs.


9. Oasis Ecossentials Planter

This pretty in pink planter is made from eco-friendly materials and has a colorful natural stone appearance.


10. Stone and Beam Fan-Embossed Planter

This embossed ceramic planter comes in a variety of colors from sea foam to blue and can be ordered in multiple sizes.


11. Rivet Mid-Century Ceramic Planter with Stand

We love the extra-large size of this simple and modern planter, which is perfect for highlighting a unique and beautiful plant.


12. MadeTerra Woven Hanging Plant Pot

Create cascading plant displays with this two-tiered planter from MadeTerra.

Amazon Madeterra

13. JCPenney Cement Planter

Simple but elegant, this cement planter is adorned in white stripes. It's also super-heavy, making it a sturdy pot for outdoor use.


14. The Charming Bench Company Planter Box with Trellis

This cedar planter box has a trellis along the back, making it perfect a perfect place to house your favorite climbing plant in your garden or on the patio.

The Charming Bench Company

15. George Oliver Square Modern Plant Stand

Classic and simple, this plant stand will take any pot to the next level by giving it a bit more style.


16. Ten Thousand Villages Kitty Planter

This sweet terra cotta cat planter is the perfect place to grow cat nip or cat grass. Amazon Ten Thousand Villages