Massive Vegan Superstore to open in Israel

Massive Vegan Superstore to open in Israel

Canadian company PlantX—which offers 10,000 plant-based products in North America—is embarking on an international expansion.

Plant-based marketplace PlantX is expanding its e-commerce platform to Israel where it will offer shoppers a variety of services, including plant-based meal delivery, indoor plant delivery, and access to plant-based products. Currently, PlantX offers 10,000 plant-based products on its platform across North America. The Israeli plant-based offerings will include an assortment of products including pantry essentials, groceries, vitamins, cosmetics, and pet food.

Brick-and-mortar vegan store

The expansion efforts in Israel will be led by PlantX Vice President of Israel Operations Mili Ben-David and Vice President of Global Expansion Michael Blicher who will scout a suitable location for a brick-and-mortar location of the plant-based superstore, establish partnerships in the region, and introduce United States-based brands in Israel. Once opened, the brick-and-mortar PlantX store will feature wide-variety of plant-based products, a plant-based café, a restaurant with plant-based pre-made meals and an education center for consumers to learn more about

Plant-based living

“Israel overall has a strong leaning towards plant-based products due both to emerging trends and dietary laws that many Israeli Jews follow that prohibit meat or dairy following eating one or the other,” Blicher said. “We are thrilled and excited to expand our e-commerce platform to another international market, to provide Israeli consumers with enhanced choice, widen our product offerings with Israeli brands, and offer the unique PlantX shopping and customer service experience to Israel.” PlantX will also offer franchise opportunities in Israel through its partnership with Iris Construction Management.

International expansion

PlantX is currently working to open its first store in the United States in San Diego, CA where it will offer 5,000 products, including its own private-brand items such as PlantX water, as well as Stay Wyld Organics vitamins and supplements, Mid-Day Squares chocolate bars, and other grocery items from popular brands. The San Diego store will also include amenities such as a plant-based education center, coffee shop, a restaurant with plant-based meals made by Los Angeles chef Gregg Drusinsky, and grab-and-go meals from PlantX’s meal delivery menu. The company is also working on a brick-and-mortar location in Squamish, British Columbia, with plans for future franchises across North America. “Seeing our company grow around the world so quickly is very exciting and we could not be more pleased with our expansion,” PlantX Founder Sean Dollinger said.