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PlantX is the New Online Vegan Destination for All Things Plant-Based

The plant-based lifestyle continues to grow in popularity and prominence. Vegans and plant-based aficionados alike have a reason to rejoice! PlantX is a new plant-based retailer. “The Digital Face of the Plant-Based Community.” Think “vegan version of Amazon” that offers more than 10,000 plant-based products, to make it even easier to get in on ‘the healthy life’. They also offer vegan meal delivery service with help from advisors such as celebrity chef Gregg Drusinsky (formerly of Sakara Life). PlantX has arrived as a one-stop-shop for all your vegan lifestyle needs, thanks to PlantX founder Sean Dollinger. [caption id="attachment_19076" align="aligncenter" width="550"] PlantX Founder Sean Dollinger[/caption] “When it came to the businesses I started I always aimed to find a product that the public not only wanted but actually needed.” One project that I am particularly excited about is – an online platform for the vegan community to shop some of the best vegan products on the market, order prepared plant-based meals, and join discussions with others in the community. With PlantX, we are simplifying the way people view the vegan lifestyle and making it clear that living a plant-based life can be easy and accessible.” PlantX is even offering a new indoor plant delivery service to fill your home with life-giving greenery and plant sales and delivery with NOW Indoor Plant Delivery Service, as it was just announced that houseplants can now be ordered and shipped within the US. PlantX aims to be the vegan version of Amazon, stocking a variety of goods for all your plant-based needs. Of course, among the 10,000-plus plant-based products, you’ll find such staples as cereals, grains, soups, side dishes, seasonings, and packaged foods and snacks. But you can also shop for pet food for cats and dogs; beauty products for your skin, hair, and body; and refreshing beverages, all made from plants. They even offer gift baskets. But beyond the cash register, PlantX also wants to provide education and empowerment to the plant-based community, as well as those interested in making the transition. The plant-based lifestyle is more than a diet – it’s also a decision to reconnect with nature and to rediscover the benefits of real food and pure ingredients. PlantX currently offers delicious recipes on its site, and fellow practitioners can connect on the PlantX community site. PlantX is expanding the boundaries and expectations for plant-based possibilities by partnering with Chef Gregg Drusinsky (formerly of Sakara Life) to develop a menu for the PlantX meal delivery service. The recipes will use high-quality plant-based products in exciting and unexpected combinations for delicious meals that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home. PlantX’s meal delivery is currently available in Canada and will be offered to U.S. addresses in 2021.
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And if you’re in San Diego, California, or Squamish, British Columbia, PlantX recently announced plans to open brick-and-mortar stores in both cities for in-person visits. The company recently completed a deal to acquire UK-based Bloombox Club as well. The plant-based lifestyle has never been easier or more appealing, and PlantX can help you make the switch with minimal fuss. Peruse PlantX to see the wide range of delicious and satisfying options for today’s vegan – and learn eve more about this rewarding way of life. Go to PlantX for more information or to order, and check out their Holiday specials!
Buy a gift card for $100+ and PlantX will add $20 to the card.
Then, they are going to offer a gift with purchase when someone purchases a gift basket.e


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