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PlantX Now Offers Indoor Plant Delivery Service

PlantX, the Amazon of all things plant-based, knows well that plants can provide sustenance in more ways than one as they now expand their brand by offering an indoor plant delivery service. The company has just announced that houseplants can now be ordered and shipped within the US. Whether you want plants that are low-maintenance, boost immunity, purify the air, or just look good, PlantX can bring one (or more) right to your home, such as low maintenance plants, immune-boosting plants, air-purifying plants, pet-friendly plants, and home office plants. PlantX provides educational information on each plant so you can make an informed decision about what fits your needs on your plant purchases. They include a brief description of each plant. For example:

About English Ivy “Green California”

English Ivy is a classic plant often seen climbing the sides of buildings, but it also makes an excellent addition to home or office. “Green California” is a variety of English Ivy that is distinguished by the consistent deep green color on its leaves.
Describes Pot Size and Height
Details: This plant is available in a variety of sizes to fit your needs: The 2” pot has a combined height of 6”. The 4” pot has a combined height of 12”.
Light Requirements
Likes: English Ivy is an easy-to-grow family of plants, and “Green California” is no different. This variety prefers bright light and regular fertilizing and can withstand underwatering easily. Dislikes: If not given enough light, your “Green California” will wilt and appear sickly. Overwatering will also cause issues for your English Ivy.
What It Can Do For Your Health
Healthy Benefits: English Ivy is considered a high-quality air purifier, so it’s a great choice for the bedroom or office.
Explains How To Look After Your Plant
Looking after your plant: You should water your “Green California” only when the top inch of soil feels dry to the touch. Water-soluble fertilizer should be applied once a month in every season except winter.
Explains the Safety With Warnings About Certain Plants as Pertaining To Pets and Children
Plant Care With Pets and Children: All types of English Ivy are toxic to pets and children and should be placed out of reach. And the best part is the prices! Check out PlantX indoor plant home delivery plant offerings Read more about the New Online Vegan Destination for All Things Plant-Based: PlantX


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