5 Healthy and Easy Food Swaps For Kids

5 Healthy and Easy Food Swaps For Kids

If you’re someone who’s living with kids at home, you would probably monitor their activities as well as the food they eat every day – especially if you’re a type of parent or a guardian who follows a plant-based diet.


Being skeptical about the meals they consume is completely normal. After all, parents and guardians share the same goal of providing what’s best for their children. With that said, it is crucial to teach kids how to have a healthy diet early on.  However, along with this pure intention comes a dilemma that parents usually face – getting them to eat healthy and nutritious fruits, vegetables, and of course snacks. 


While fruits tend to have naturally sweet flavors that appeal to their palates, kids veer away from eating green leafy veggies because of their bland and unfamiliar flavors. A study also showed that the lack of commercially prepared vegetable products for children has something to do with this problem. 


It can be quite challenging, but hey, we’re here to help you out! Help your whole family embrace a healthy lifestyle with this five nutritious plant-based and kid-friendly food swaps you can easily stock up and prepare at home. 


Mac and Cheese

We all know how kids and even young-at-heart people go crazy over the classic Mac and Cheese. Without a doubt, its delicious and creamy cheesy texture is to die for. But if you’re keen on getting the whole fam to go for a plant-based diet, there’s a healthier way that best substitutes this crowd-favorite dish. 

Raw cashews, water, fresh lemon juice, nutritional yeast, turmeric, garlic powder, and salt are the only ingredients you need to create a perfect dairy-free Mac and Cheese sauce. Once done, mix it with your favorite gluten-free pasta and serve hot. 

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Looking to save a couple of steps? Daiya also offers an easy ready to eat mac n' cheese with their Deluxe Cheezy Mac and Deluxe Cheez Sauce that you can use to top nachos, veggies, or your favorite gluten-free pasta.


Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who would’ve thought that this quintessential children’s snack can be a plant-based dessert, too? 

Good news is that you can make or stock one that’s similar to the taste of traditional chocolate chip cookies even with the absence of milk, egg, and other dairy products. 

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Enjoy Life’s Soft Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies from our shelf is one good example. Made from gluten-free buckwheat flour, cocoa beans, and cane sugar, this delectable snack will surely satisfy the whole family’s sweet cravings without the guilt! Yes, it’s rich in iron, zinc, and selenium. 




It’s an obvious fact that kids are meat lovers. But continuous consumption of such can be detrimental to their health. Hence, the creation of plant-based meat such as plant-based bacon. 

That’s right, you can replicate this breakfast staple using homegrown veggies like carrots! With thin slices of carrots and the perfect marinade recipe, you can cook healthy bacon strips that are as tasty and as crispy as the ones you see in the supermarket. 


Nacho Crackers

Movie nights are not complete without something to snack on. Every household wants a pack of potato or nacho chips by their side while watching a spiced-up moment on TV. But did you know that you can swap those highly-processed food bags with a much healthier substitute? 


Try From The Ground Up Cauliflower Nacho Crackers and munch on the goodness of nacho and real cauliflower in every bite! Unlike others, it is certified gluten-free and is a great source of vitamins derived from vegetables. Just pair it with a vegan dip or salsa sauce for that delicious healthy snacking. 

Sweets & Candy 

You might be surprised that these treats are included in our list. But yes, there is a nutritious alternative to it! 

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Kids do love candies as much as they love chocolates. And if your child has a sweet tooth and is fond of everything sour, then let them have a bag of Smart Sweets Sour Blast Buddies in their packed lunches. It’s gluten- and sugar alcohol-free and does come with five delicious flavors: berry, raspberry, lime, lemon, and orange! 

These plant-based food swaps require zero effort to make and few bucks in your pocket. Also, they taste much like your kids’ favorite snacks – it’s just a matter of which ingredients to use. 

Head over to our shop to browse more delicious, healthy substitutes suitable for your whole family!