9 Delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner Ideas

9 Delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner Ideas

The holidays are the time to bring everyone together, and accommodating everyone’s meal preferences is hard! If you’re coming over to your folks’ house and would like to lessen the worries, bring a little dish or two to share with everyone. Even if you’re making Christmas dinner for one or two at home and are not sure what to make, we’ve got plenty of ideas!

Read on to discover some easy, delicious and hearty vegan Christmas meal recipes that are worth your while. These are certified good for the soul - you won’t want anything more over this festive season!

Without further ado, let’s check out what’s on the menu this season.

What to Make for a Vegan Christmas Dinner?

1. Harvest Salad

Harvest Salad

Have a five-course meal in the comfort of your own home. To start that off, why not try a fresh Harvest Salad? It is a great way to set up your vegan Christmas meal. The ingredients are easy to get, such as kal, brown rice, and Italian parsley. The rest of the ingredients are seasonings and dressings!

You can dress up or dress down this harvest salad. This recipe takes you through a medium-effort process on how to prepare the salad. Unlike other salads, this is served warm. So, it’s a perfect contrast to the cold weather you’re probably experiencing this season.

For the full recipe, check out this page right here: Harvest Salad

2. Cannellini Beans and Greens

Cannellini Beans and Greens

Feel nourished and super satisfied with this Cannellini Beans and Greens recipe. If you’ve already spent loads on the main dish but still feel like your feast could use something more, add this! The ingredients are low-cost and easy to find in just about every supermarket.

Flavour-wise, this rustic dish offers versatility. It can pair easily with the previous or next course well. Now, all good things take time. While prep only takes about 10 minutes, you need an hour to make sure this cooks right!

Get the step-by-step instructions here: Cannellini Beans and Greens

3. Lentil Carrot and Veggie Hot Dogs

Lentil Carrot and Veggie Hot Dogs

Christmas dinners are often made to impress the grown-ups, and that can get hard for the children! While not all children are fussy eaters, you can encounter them when you host your party.

Here’s a cool vegan Christmas dinner idea… Veggie dogs! Fun, healthy, and delicious, this Lentil Carrot and Veggie Hot Dogs will impress kids and their parents. The holidays can and should be fun for everyone and everyone deserves to eat heartily this season!

You can view the whole recipe when you click on this link right here: Lentil Carrot and Veggie Hot Dogs

4. Sweet Potato Hash

Sweet Potato Hash

How about a little southern flair to your vegan Christmas dinner? This sweet potato hash can be hashed out in 50 minutes at most! A lot of that time is actually spent on prep work. So, if you’re already chopping up other ingredients for other recipes, now’s the time to do it.

The sweet potato hash is one that both adults and kids will enjoy.. The holidays are mostly spent trying to please the grown-ups with the food they like - and we often forget the kids! So when mulling over some Christmas dinner ideas, really consider adding this to the feast.

This recipe we’ll be giving you lists down what you need to do, step by step. If you think you need a little more help, you’re in luck! You’ll find a little video you can watch to make sure everything is cooked nicely.

Head on over to this link to get cooking: Sweet Potato Hash

5. Plant-Packed Pasta Bolognese

Plant-Packed Pasta Bolognese

If you’re still not sure what to make for your vegan Christmas dinner and you’re already pressed for time, we’ve got you. This is the first of three pasta dishes you can consider making!

If the dinner table appears to be filled with foods tailored for the mature palate, then whip up some Plant-Packed Pasta Bolognese. It’s fancy enough for the holiday feast, but familiar enough that the kiddos will surely eat it.

Follow this quick and easy recipe here: Plant-Packed Pasta Bolognese

6. Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

We know that the holidays are spent with family and friends. But consider this - What if you’ve got a vegan Christmas dinner date lined up with a budding romance? The restaurants will be packed and overbooked up the wazoo. So, you and your date decide on cooking dinner at home. What will you make? 

Simple, sophisticated, and delicious, the Spaghetti Aglio e Olio is a great Christmas dinner idea. You can finish making this in 30 minutes! Once you’ve got this recipe down pat, you won’t be ordering an expensive plate of it in restaurants anymore. At home is where it’s at!

Start making this Italian classic by following the link right here: Spaghetti Aglio e Olio

7. Dairy Free Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta

Dairy Free Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta

If there’s any one thing we picked up from the iconic Christmas rom-com, The Holiday, it’s Christmas Fettuccine. At some point, the internet was buzzing with this trend! So, why not try it out for yourself? We’re sure this can be something you and your friends will enjoy during your vegan Christmas dinner.

We know this won’t be the same recipe you can find in the movie, but this is 100% plant-based so we think it’s better! You’ll still get the awesome creaminess and flavours of traditional fettuccine, too. We guarantee that.

How about you make yourself a little Christmas Fettuccine?: Dairy Free Alfredo Fettuccine Pasta

8. Jackfruit Pulled Pork

Jackfruit Pulled Pork

At this point, you’ve got hash and you’ve got roasted squash. What brings them together? Jackfruit Pulled Pork! It was as if this recipe was made for the holidays (spoiler: it was)! 

Though it may sound like it takes great effort to make, it doesn’t! Unlike conventional pulled pork which takes literally hours to make, you only need less than an hour to prep and cook this dish. It’s also quite inexpensive, depending on what jackfruit you opt to use.

This Jackfruit Pulled Pork recipe offers what traditional pulled pork has to offer, but healthier. Tangy bbq taste with a little kick? Flaky, falls-off-the-fork texture? Everything you want or dream vegan pulled pork can be, this delivers.

If you feel like you’ve made more than you should, you certainly don’t need to worry. You can make a leftover sandwich with it so that your family can take some home to eat or use this as a taco filling or nacho topping for future meals and snacks. 

For this deliciously tangy recipe, check out the link here: Jackfruit Pulled Pork

9. Vegan Mac and Cheese

Vegan Mac and Cheese

Last but certainly not least… mac and cheese! Big, bold flavors and creamy dreamy texture? Sounds like the best Christmas dinner idea to us. It’s the holidays and you want to go all out and stuff yourself with hearty and satisfying meals. That’s the rule of Christmas feasting!

This Vegan Mac and Cheese is one that’s made with love. And it shows! You’ll probably need to set a wee bit of time to make it, just 30 minutes or so to make. If you want to make more, just make recipe adjustments. It’s easy!

You can also add some vegan bacon or any plant-based protein as toppings to make this even richer. 

If you’d like to add a little and heart soul to your vegan Christmas dinner, click here: Vegan Mac and Cheese

Let Your Vegan Christmas Dinner Ideas Come to Life This Season!

9 Delicious Vegan Christmas Dinner Ideas

We hope that we inspired you with our recipes. We aim to make holiday cooking less stressful for you and your loved ones. These recipes can be doubled and tripled easily if your dinner party is bigger! 

Now that you have your recipes, all that’s left now is to say… We hope you have a Merry Christmas!