3 Easy DIY Plant Based Meal Prep Recipes

3 Easy DIY Plant Based Meal Prep Recipes

Easy Vegan Meal Prep Recipes

Feeling like you never have enough time in the day to cook? Or are you tired of having to do dishes every night after dinner? Don’t worry, PlantX has you covered! We’ve put together some easy and fast vegan meal prep recipes together for you so that you can spend your days doing a lot more of what you love, and a lot less time getting pruney hands. For those of you living in the Winnipeg area who are looking for even more convenience, check out our PlantX Meal Delivery to have nutritious plant-based meals delivered straight to your door!  

Breakfast Meal Prep

Mornings can always be a slog, and although it’s the most important meal of the day, many of us skip out on a morning meal instead of something more filling. Instead of just coffee, power your mornings with nutritious plant-based ingredients like those found in our overnight chia seed pudding. This basic recipe can be easily customized to your own tastes with cocoa powder, cinnamon, and even with an additional ingredient of tasty hemp hearts.   Overnight Chia Oats Ingredients: A nutritious bowl of overnight chia seed pudding is topped with granola, raspberries, and frozen blueberries is placed on a marble countertop ready to be eaten.     ½ cup of chia seeds 1 1/2 cups of oatly barista oat milk (or your preferred plant-based milk) 2 tbsps of Maple Syrup (or sweetener of your choice) ¼ tsp of vanilla extract 2 tbsp of coconut milk  
  1. Place each of your ingredients into a glass jar.
  2. Stir with a spoon to combine, or place a lid over your jar and shake.
  3. Place in the fridge overnight.
  4. In the morning, top with your overnight chia oats with your favorite fresh fruits and nuts.
  5. Enjoy!

Lunch Meal Prep

Sometimes lunch can feel like an afterthought. Other times lunch can be your first nutritious meal of the day. Make this meal count with an easy to follow recipe that only takes about 20 minutes to prepare. This sesame tempeh bowl is the perfect alternative to sesame chicken and just as flavorful.   Sesame Tempeh Bowl Ingredients: ¼ cup of soy sauce or coconut liquid aminos 2 tbsp water 1tbsp sesame oil 3 tbsp of brown sugar 1 tbsp of rice vinegar 1tsp of freshly grated ginger 2 cloves of minced garlic ½ tbsp corn starch 8 oz. of tempeh 2 green onions, sliced 4 cups of jasmine cooked rice 1lb of frozen broccoli florets
  1. Begin cooking your rice in a rice cooker and steam your frozen broccoli florets to add to your finished dish.
  2. In a medium-sized bowl, mix your soy sauce (or aminos) together with the water, sesame oil, rice vinegar, brown sugar, grated ginger, and minced garlic.
  3. Cut your tempeh brick through the width to have two thinner blocks of tempeh. Stack the blocks of tempeh on top of each other and slice lengthwise into strips. Slice the strips across to create more bite-size rectangular pieces.
  4. Place your tempeh in a large skillet alongside ½ cup of water. On medium-high heat, simmer the tempeh for about 5 to 8 minutes until the water evaporates. Flip your tempeh as it simmers.
  5. After the water evaporates, lower to a medium heat before adding your sauce. Stir your tempeh in the sauce as it begins to thicken for 1 or two minutes, taking care that the tempeh is evenly coated. Remove from heat.
  6. Begin building your bowl. This recipe divides into four portions that you can enjoy throughout the week. Divide into your dishware and sprinkle green onions on top.
  7. Enjoy!

Dinner Meal Prep

When it comes to weeknight dinners, finding something quick, easy, and healthy can sometimes be challenging. This tofu and cashew fried rice recipe is a delicious way to enjoy a restaurant-style meal sans all the oil and eggs. Make your rice the night before to make this dinner meal prep even faster.   Tofu & Cashew Fried Rice  Sauce Ingredients: ½ cup of vegetable stock 2 tsp corn starch 1 tbsp of soy sauce (or coconut aminos) Fried Rice Ingredients: 2 tsp sesame oil (want less oil? Use vegetable broth) 12 ounces of firm tofu  1 diced red pepper 1 sliced jalapeno (you can also exclude to avoid spice) 3 cloves of minced garlic 2 tsp of curry powder 4 green onions, with the greens chopped ¾ cup of raw cashews 2 cups of cooked rice (brown rice or jasmine)
  1. In a small bowl, mix your vegetable stock, cornstarch, and soy sauce (or liquid aminos) and set aside.
  2. In a large frying pan, begin heating your sesame oil (or vegetable brother) over medium-high heat before adding your tofu, garlic, jalapenos, and red peppers. Stir for 10 minutes until the tofu begins to brown slightly.
  3. Add in your curry powder and start stirring to combine the ingredients.
  4. Add cashews and green onion and cook for a few more minutes until the onions begin to wilt.
  5. Add in your sauce and cooked rice. Move the rice across the pan until it is even and allow it to sit for a few minutes. Do not stir. This enables your rice to to begin browning. Slowly start stirring to allow the rice to continue crisping.
  6. Divide into four portions and enjoy!
If you’re interested in making tofu from scratch at home, check out our blog: “How To Make Tofu at Home.