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Easy-To-Grow Herbs For Your Spice Cabinet

Many home cooks know the pain of buying a bunch of parsley, cilantro, or basil at the grocery store for one specific recipe, only to see the leftover herbs wilting in the fridge a few days later. Are you looking to add some home-grown ingredients to your cooking with less waste? Fresh herbs are remarkably easy to grow at home. Minced cilantro on a spicy Latin American dish, finely chopped parsley on fresh pasta or perfectly placed mint leaves on a delicate dessert: adding herbs to your favorite recipes will not only make them even more delicious but helps to make them look more appetizing! Here we’ll go over a few of our favorite culinary herbs here at PlantX, their uses, and how you can grow these delicious herbs at home.   Mint is a beautiful herb with an iconic refreshing flavor. We love mint as an addition to desserts like vegan ice cream and baked goods, but mint is also useful in savory dishes! Home bartenders will also enjoy having mint around the house for easy mojitos and more.  Mint grown easily at home.   Mint comes in several varieties that all have a slightly different flavor, so you may end up wanting to grow more than one. If you’ve already purchased fresh mint sprigs from the store, you can place them in a glass of water in the sun, and they’ll begin to grow roots.Mint plants are known to grow steadily and need moderate to strong light. Keep the soil moist and be sure they’re not outside in freezing temperatures, and soon you’ll have more mint than you can handle!     For hearty roasted dishes, you can’t go wrong with rosemary. This hardy herb is wonderfully fragrant and adds a warm character to roasted vegetables, soups, or sauces. Rosemary can also be grown from store-bought the same way as mint, but also grows very well outside, even in hotter climates. Inside or outside, you can let your rosemary grow freely as a shrub or train it to grow straight or in shapes like a hedge. Check out the PlantX recipe section for some ideas on what to do with your fresh rosemary!   Do you find yourself having pasta night most nights of the week? Add some freshness to your Italian dishes by growing your own Italian herbs like basil, oregano, or thyme. Basil is lovely paired with fresh tomatoes and needs warmth and a lot of light. Indoor basil will do well for a few months, but as it grows the stems become woody. So to ensure a steady supply of tender leaves, you’ll need to transplant your basil outside or continue to sow seeds indoors.   If reading this blog has you ready to put on your gardening gloves, head over to the PlantX Plant Delivery page to see which of our carefully curated selections catch your eye! 


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