Top 5 Healthy Plant-Based Fats

Top 5 Healthy Plant-Based Fats

An essential macronutrient or “macro”, fat has many important functions in the body, such as acting as an energy reserve, helping us absorb vitamins A, D, E, and K.) and insulating our organs. However, not all fats are created equal. Good fats or “healthy fats” are those that come from plant-based sources such as the ones listed below.

Here are our top 5 plant-based fats:

Avocados- Avocados are high in a monounsaturated fatty acid called oleic acid, which studies have shown to act as a powerful anti-inflammatory. The fat content in avocados is what gives them that perfectly creamy texture that is so versatile in plant-based cooking. We love using avocados in our Plant-based Sushi.

Flax Seeds - Flax seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids which are essential (meaning your body can’t make them on its own) and known as the heart-healthy fat. It’s best to consume ground flaxseeds as they are easier for the body to digest. Try a sprinkle on your salad, oatmeal, smoothie, or our Post-Workout Energy Balls.

Walnuts - Walnuts are dense in nutrients and loaded with omega 3 fatty acids and protein. They are the perfect fat packed-snack! Remember that a little goes a long way, so be sure to consume them in moderation. Try them out in our Plant-Based Iced Coffee.

Olive Oil - Olive oil is a staple of the Mediterranean diet, and is popular for good reason. It’s loaded with healthy fat, powerful antioxidants, and vitamins such as E and K. Look for cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil as this is the healthiest option. Best for low to medium heat when cooking or for use in salad dressings like in our Pasta Salad.

Chia seeds- Chia seeds are high in healthy fats-  especially omega-3 fatty acids-  and they also offer up a ton of other health-promoting nutrients! Fiber, protein, and minerals are also packed in these mighty little seeds. They are easy to consume by simply tossing some in a smoothie, on top of avocado toast, or as a Chia Pudding. It’s important to make sure that you’re getting enough healthy plant-based fats like the ones listed above in your diet every day. If you’re interested in learning more about the good and the bad fats check out our blog. Remember that good fats are not to be feared and should be included with every meal.