Understanding Nutritional Aspects: Vegan Cheese vs. Regular Cheese

Understanding Nutritional Aspects: Vegan Cheese vs. Regular Cheese

The thing about cheese is that most people in the world really like cheese. There are so many cultures where cheese products simply don’t exist. This is largely due to the fact it needs to be refrigerated so it suits colder climates. However, in the countries where cheese is made, it is loved.

Cheese was reportedly first invented over 5000 BC. Over this time, modern technology has made it much easier to produce it in whatever form it is made, and to preserve it for longer than ever before. It has gained a permanent place in so many dishes all over the world, and has a rich cultural history in many places.

Many non-vegans often ask vegans why they eat cheese. I’m sure you’ve heard the question, “If you don’t want to eat cheese why are you eating fake cheese?” - or something to that effect. The answer is nuanced and varied depending on the individual, but for many, it’s because cheese is so good and we want to eat it without harming animals and/or the environment!

The thing is, there are a lot of misunderstood things about cheese and vegan cheese. We will show you some differences between some popular vegan cheese vs normal cheese. We will highlight how vegan cheese differs to regular cheese in a few different categories, showing you some of the benefits of vegan cheese in the process.


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Many people think that regular cheese is healthy. The truth is, it is high in fat and calories. It is also high in protein, though the saturated fat content is really high. When comparing the nutrition of vegan cheese vs regular cheese, vegan cheese has a lot of benefits when considering the nutritional profile.

There are so many different cheese products from both sides. One way of getting cheesy flavor into your dishes in a super low-calorie, high-protein way is by using nutritional yeast. Nutritional yeast is a great source of protein and is often fortified with minerals and vitamins, including B12, that we need as vegans!

Health Risks

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There are many potential health issues that can be contributed to by cheese. Cheese has a high amount of cholesterol and saturated fats. These two compounds can cause high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, as well as other issues. This makes it a food group that is often singled out by medical professionals to cut down on.

Vegan cheese has many naturally occurring vitamins and minerals but it is often much lower in cholesterol, saturated fats, and calories. Vegan cheese is often made from healthy fats such as coconut oil which makes it more suitable for people with these issues.

One of the issues with vegan cheese is that it is often heavily processed. Heavily processed foods contain some ingredients that your body finds quite hard to process and in turn, might cause some health issues. It is advisable to select some high-quality vegan cheeses that are artisanal and made with real ingredients including cashew nuts, vegan cultures, coconut oil, and more.

Cultural Benefits

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This is a slightly niche point but vegan cheeses, and other vegan dairy products have actually been proven to serve as a fabulous diet hack for different cultural groups. Lactose intolerance is the most widely experienced food intolerance. This largely stems from different cultures around the world not having dairy products as a part of their culinary history. Lactose intolerance is also a massively prevalent issue across all corners of the world.

This makes vegan cheese a great product for those groups of people who are lactose intolerant. Though it is rarely a serious allergic reaction, vegan cheese enables everyone to eat cheese! Some cheeses contain nuts, soy, and occasionally gluten. It is best to double-check for those ingredients if you suffer from one of those conditions.

There is also the fact that vegan cheeses have proven to be a delight among people who follow the Kosher diet. In Kosher, it’s forbidden to eat meat and dairy together. However, eating meat and vegan cheese together is allowed!


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The main issue people have had over the years is that it is hard to get good quality vegan cheese anywhere in the world. It used to be made in small factories, shipped to specialist markets where there was a high incidence of vegans and enjoyed in a rarefied kind of way. This is no longer the case!

You can get vegan cheese at most supermarkets in the Western World and at lots of stores across the world at particular shops. Though it is true, veganism can be criticized as being a middle-class diet and not as accessible to lower-income communities, it is getting more and more available to all.

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We hope you have enjoyed reading a bit about vegan cheese. The thing about vegan cheese that we didn’t mention is that it has come on leaps and bounds in the last few years. It is getting more and more specific, delicious, and versatile as an ingredient. Enjoy our range of amazing vegan cheeses at our online store today.