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Why You Need Plants In Your Work Place

People spend almost one-third of their time on their desk. Truth be told, an office workspace is the true “living” room. So it only makes sense to make your workplace as homey as possible. That will make you excited to sit at your desk rather than to drag your feet to the office.  One way to make your desk cozier is to add more life to it. Literally. Aside from making your desk comfortable, there are many advantages to placing indoor plants in your workplace.    #1 Improve your office’s aesthetic The little things you put on your desk show your personality. Not only will this break the monotony of office spaces, but it will also improve the aesthetic of your office. Instead of placing random knick-knacks that will only accumulate dust, why not use indoor plants? Not only are they natural air purifiers, but they’re also a nice and practical way to accent any indoor or office space. Indoor plants also have different pots that can complement the personality of any of your staff.  Last but not least, they will give job applicants and customers the impression that you value work-life balance while keeping your office professional looking. This gives them the idea that it is a pleasure to do business with you.     #2 Reduce stress and sickness  A 2015 study showed that interactions with indoor plants can reduce psychological as well as physical stress. Plants do this by affecting the part of your nervous system that controls the fight or flight response.  In the study, they observed that the people that did plant-related tasks felt more soothed and comfortable compared to those who did computer tasks. Their blood pressure was also significantly lower than the other group.  Of course, office job descriptions rarely involve tending to a plant, but having even a small desk plant that workers can stare at and take care of during work hours can alleviate stress and keep office-related illnesses at bay. An office space is decorated with large indoor plants like a palm and fiddle leaf fig to help bring life to the decor.   #3 Clean the air in your office It’s common for office buildings to be sealed and situated in the busy streets of the metro. By trapping the air and not having an effective way to purify it, the indoor office space has significantly more pollutants than the outside air.  Some of the common toxic air pollutants include molds, formaldehyde, dust mites, and carbon monoxide. Molds alone can cause a stuffy nose, wheezing, and other respiratory problems. What’s more, respiratory irritations are associated with depression and anxiety To clean the air in your office and to make sure of your staff’s well being you should place indoor plants in some of your office corners or desks.    #4 Reduce the noise level Aside from reducing the air pollution in the office, plants can reduce another type of pollution — noise. They reduce the distracting sounds that might affect your workers’ productivity such as office chatters, keyboard clicks, and drills in the construction site next door.  When placed strategically, plants can absorb these sounds and insulate the workspace against these distractions. Place your larger plants in office corners and near office windows to keep your desk comfy and quiet.    #5 Increase productivity and creativity Adding plants to the office can improve your employee productivity by 12%. This is no wonder as office plants can improve overall health, air quality, and the ambiance in the office. Not only that, they are handy for when office workers want to take a break from looking at their monitors for too long. Research shows that frequent breaks will improve project completions and the quality of employees’ work.  An office is a place of serious work, but it doesn’t mean it can’t be welcoming and cozy. Curate your office decor wisely, and you’ll feel at home away from home. 


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