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Annie’s Homegrown – Organic Bunny Fruit Snacks, 4 Oz
Annie's Homegrown Organic Berry Patch Bunny Fruit Snacks are packed with all-natural fruit flavors like strawberry, raspberry and cherry and feature Annie's iconic adorable bunny shape. These deliciously cute sweet treats are made with Annie's careful goodness to be sure...
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Annie's Homegrown - Shiitake Sesame Vinaigrette, 8 Oz
Annie's Shiitake Sesame Vinaigrette combines two deliciously savory ingredients to create a dressing that's versatile enough for salads, stir-fry, marinades, or noodles! Apple cider vinegar, smooth toasted sesame oil, and umami-packed shiitake mushrooms blend perfectly to create superb flavor. Organic,...
Annie's Homegrown - Lemon & Chive Dressing, 8 Oz
Annie's Homegrown Lemon and Chive Dressing is light lemony dressing that is dairy and gluten-free but tastes oh so buttery. Pair it together with just about anything to get a bright splash of citrus and garden herb infusion unlike any...
Annie’s Homegrown - Organic Elbows and Creamy Sauce, 6 OZ
Annie’s Homegrown Elbows And Creamy Sauce is the vegan pasta dream. Made with all-natural organic ingredients to satisfy your taste buds! Key Information 100 % Vegan Gluten-Free Does Not Contain Artificial Flavors Certified Organic Does Not Contain Colors Or Preservatives...
Annie’s Homegrown – Organic Yellow Mustard, 9 Oz
Make Annie's Homegrown Organic Yellow Mustard your new grilling go-to and sandwich staple. Made the Annie’s way, this yellow mustard is the perfect balance of mellow mustard seed flavor with tangy white vinegar and touch of spices from paprika, clove,...
Annie’s Homegrown – Organic Ketchup, 24 Oz
Annie's Homegrown Organic Ketchup is a wholesome version of the classic condiment, perfect for french fries or any of your favorite ketchup pairings. Organic tomatoes and a secret blend of spices create full-bodied flavor without the corn syrup found in...
Annie’s Homegrown – Vegan Mac Cheddar Flavor Pasta, 6 oz
Annie's Organic Vegan Mac Cheddar Flavor Pasta and Sauce is a delicious and comforting bite that will give you all the comforts of mac n cheese, now available for vegan eaters or plant-based dieters. With not artificial flavors or colors...
Annie´s Homegrown – Worcestershire Sauce, 6.25 Oz
Annie's Homegrown Organic Worcestershire Sauce is a deliciously savory vegan verison of the classic British condiment. Molasses and cloves add subtle sweetness and spice, making this a perfect addition to soups, stews, BBQ sauce, cocktails, and more!4 Ingredients: Water, Apple...
Annie's Homegrown - Goddess Dressing, 18 Oz
A creamy tahini and lemon dressing that is bottled with chives and parsley for this showstopping salad dressing. Annie's Naturals Goddess Dressing is addictive and indescribably delicious. An Annie's fan favorite, Annie's Goddess Dressing is made with no artificial colors,...
Annie's Homegrown - Goddess Dressing Lite, 8 Oz
Annie's Naturals Lite Goddess Dressing bring you all the flavors of creamy tahini and lemon that you love in a bottle that contains 50% less fat and fewer calories. This herbaceous dressing is the same great taste and flavor of...
Annie's Homegrown - Sweet & Spicy Bbq Sauce, 12 Oz
Annie's Naturals Organic Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce is your go to grilling sauce when it comes to going organic on the grill. Each bottle contains no high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors colors or preservatives, non-GMO, certified USDA organic, and...
Annie’s Homegrown – Tuscany Italian Dressing
All the classic flavors of an italians dressing in a vegan, gluten free, and natural formula. Annie's Naturals Tuscany Italian Dressing showcases balsamic viner and sun-dried tomatoes for a delicious flavor and texture that goes perfect with your favorite green...
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