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Happy Baby – Oats and Quinoa Baby Cereal, 7oz
Every parent knows that the key to a happy baby is a happy tummy. So put a smile on your tot’s face with this nourishing, organic Happy Baby Oats & Quinoa Baby Cereal! Key Information Gluten-free With added iron for...
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Happy Baby – Organic Squash, Chickpeas & Spinach, 4 oz
Struggling with a picky eater? Help your baby grow fond of veggies with Happy Baby Squash, Chickpeas & Spinach. This delightful organic food combines 1 and ½ servings of butternut squash, chickpeas, spinach, and avocado oil with a hint of...
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Happy Baby – Organic Purple Carrots & Cauliflower, 4 oz
Introduce your baby’s palates to veggies with a nutritious pouch of Happy Baby Purple Carrots & Cauliflower. Blended with 1 and ½ servings of purple carrots and cauliflower and natural ingredients like avocado oil and oregano, this organic puree is...
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Happy Baby – Organic Sweet Potatoes with Olive Oil, 4 oz
Grow your little one’s love for veggies with a nutritious pouch of Happy Baby Organic Sweet Potatoes with Olive Oil. Made from flavorful fats, spices, and herbs, this organic baby food features 1 and ½ servings of sweet potato, olive...
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Serenity Kids - Veggies Pouches, 3.5oz
Packed with organic veggies and healthy oils, Serenity Kids Veggies Pouches are a fantastic low-sugar baby food option in a super convenient grab-and-go pouch! Key Information Organic Baby Food Pouches Made From Vegetables and Healthy Oils Free From Preservatives and...
Amara - Organic Dried Baby Food
Amara Organic Baby Foods are easy to prepare and packed with nutrients. Made with whole fruits and veggies, minus the water content, just add breast milk, formula, or water! Key Information Organic Plant-Based Baby Food Just Add Breast Milk, Water...
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Happy Baby – Organic Broccoli & Carrots, 4 oz
Help your little one embrace vegetables at an early stage with Happy Baby Organic Broccoli & Carrots. This organic baby food features 1 and ½ servings of broccoli, carrots, and olive oil as well as a hint of garlic for...
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Happy Baby – Tomato & Basil Organic Snackers, 1.5 oz
Encourage your little one to have a fun and healthy snacking on their own by letting them enjoy Happy Baby Organic Snackers in Tomato & Basil. Made with ancient grains, this organic crunchy snack uses unsalted yet savory flavors of...
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Bear Yoyo - Strawberry and Mango Fruit Rolls
BEAR Fruit Yoyos are delicious fruity snacks. Perfect for lunchboxes or on-the-go nourishing snacks, they contain nothing but real fruits and vegetables! Key Information Real Fruit Snack No Added Sugar 100% Natural Ingredients 1 of Your 5 a Day Gluten...
Baby Gourmet – Blueberry Spinach Acai Rusks (40g)
Baby Gourmet Blueberry Spinach Acai Rusks are fruity flavored lentil and chickpea rusks, perfect for tiny teethers! Key Information Organic Free From Gluten, Dairy, Rice and Corn No Added Salt or Sugar Plant-Based Teething Rusks High in Fiber, Protein and...
Pumpkin Tree Organics - Organic Fruit Purees with Oat Fiber & Seeds, 3.5oz
Peter Rabbit is here to make your kiddo’s snack time easier, healthier, and simply better! 100% organic fruit puree fortified with extra fiber, in a convenient pouch. Key Information Made with organic fruits Fortified with organic oats, flaxseed & chia...
Fresh Bellies – Two to Mango Snack, 0.75oz
Say goodbye to picky-eating with Fresh Bellies Freeze-Dried healthy snacks. Each bag is packed full of lots of flavours your toddler will love. Key Information Vegan/Gluten-free Non-GMO Kosher Preservative-free No added sugar Product Overview Fresh Bellies are on a mission...
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