They’re awesomely nutritious and very delicious - these vegan burgers will show you! A medley of vegetables can make one fine burger patty. 

In this day and age, you can definitely expect vegan burgers to be juicy. They have a great texture that will remind you of traditional burgers.

Plant-based burgers don’t always have to be nestled between two slices of bread to be enjoyed. You can heat them up and have some with curry sauce over a bed of rice! You can also slice your vegan burgers up so that they can be added to wraps or burritos.

Shop around PlantX and click on any one of our vegan burgers to see and learn more. You can find some ready-to-eat, frozen, or just about every kind of vegan burger that you’ve heard of. Plus, we’re always on the lookout for more so keep checking back in to see if anything new arrives!

Why Vegan Burgers Are Better!

Let’s get this out of the way. We know conventional burgers aren’t just made from beef. We know they could also be made with a blend of pork, poultry, fish, and even other animal-derived ingredients. But, for argument’s sake, we’re putting the spotlight on beef. 

Going plant-based and eating vegan burgers might be better for the animals. We’re not saying that all of them aren’t being treated humanely, but there are some that are! Also, fewer cows mean less land required to give them a home!

On a lighter note, going vegan could also save up on water. Roughly 2,000 to 8,000 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of beef. That’s crazy if you think about it! To produce the same amount of tofu, you’ll only need 300 gallons. While that’s still a lot, at least crops help by converting carbon dioxide to oxygen! 

In the animal kingdom, cows are the top contributor to greenhouse gas emissions in the world. It’s not the main and topmost contributor to greenhouse gas emissions overall, but we think that still matters! If we can cut down on greenhouse gas emissions any way we can, the better.

If you think about how the best vegan burger taste like, look like, and feel like meat-based burgers, what more is there to consider? Get plant-based burgers now!

Best Plant-Based Burgers To Try 

Field Roast’s Chef's Signature Plant-Based Burgers

All plant-based ingredients like mushroom, fresh carrot, and roasted garlic, Field Roast’s Chef's Signature Plant-Based Burgers are packed with umami flavor. You can fry them in the pan or grill them. If you’re really pressed for time, you can even heat these vegan burgers in the microwave! Cook them your own way. Field Roast’s Chef's Signature Plant-Based Burgers don’t have to be burgers - you can crumble them or chop them down to strips to replace any protein in your dishes!

Down to Cook’s Adda Veggie Protein Mix Original Blend

A mix? Of what? Pea protein, organic cornmeal, lemon powder, tomato powder, and a generous amount of seasoning give Down to Cook’s Adda Veggie Protein Mix Original Blend a flavor explosion. These plant-based burgers are completely vegan, gluten-free, and even soy-free! You can also use Down to Cook’s Adda Veggie Protein Mix Original Blend to make not just patties, but also meatless meatballs and meatless crumbles!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vegan burgers gluten-free?

Some are, but some aren’t! You might think that vegan burgers are automatically gluten-free, being made up of mostly veggies, but not quite! Not all plant-based burgers are gluten-free.

A lot of brands make vegan burgers with wheat gluten. That’s for texture and sometimes wheat products (like flour) are used to bind the ingredients together. Down to Cook’s Adda Veggie Protein Mix Original Blend is gluten-free. Why not have a look?

What’s the best way to cook plant-based burgers? 

Sometimes, manufacturers or brands have their own recommendations on how to cook and prepare their vegan burgers. Generally, you can cook them just like any other meat-based burger! Bring some for weekend barbeques or fry them up on the skillet when you have guests coming over. Vegan burgers are usually quite versatile. You’ll figure out more ways to cook them as you continue to eat different kinds!

Are there frozen vegan burgers?

Yes, there are! Some vegan burgers require storage in a freezer, while some can be stored in the fridge. One great tip for frozen vegan burgers is that once you unfreeze them, they should not be refrozen again. The water or moisture content usually messes with the taste, texture, and overall quality.

You can try making easy vegan burger recipes using this frozen pack - Field Roasts’ Chef’s Signature Plant-Based Burgers!

Do vegan burgers contain fat?

Yes and no. By that, we mean that it’s probably not the fat you’re thinking of!

Vegan burgers are great because they aren’t exactly loaded with saturated fats that meat-based burgers usually contain (although there are certain ones with more saturated fats than others). But they do contain some fats in the form of oils. These oils are often used to bind ingredients and bring them together! As you know, oils are a form of or are a fat source. So, technically, vegan burgers do contain fat.