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Daiya - Alfredo Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce, 14.2 Oz
Daiya Alfredo Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce is the same sauce you'll find in their best-selling Deluxe Alfredo Style Cheezy Mac — it's rich, creamy, and ready to serve! Packed with calcium, this sauce is a great way to enjoy your...
Native Forest - Coconut Cream Premium, 5.4 Oz
Native Forest Coconut Cream Premium is made with very few ingredients and allows for a creamy, delicious addition to anything in replacement to dairy products. Having an amazing flavor on its own makes it an excellent option for breakfast items...
Farmers Market Foods - Canned Butter Squash, 15 Oz
Farmer's Market Organic Butternut Squash is a great way to enjoy the silky texture and sweet flavor of buttternut squash no matter what the season! Low in fat and a great source of potassium, Farmer's Market Butternut Squash also contains...
Native Forest – Cut Baby Corn, 14 oz
Complement any Asian dish with Native Forest’s Organic Baby Corn Pieces. They’re picked just as the silk emerges from the ear — when they’re most tender. Blanched and seasoned only with a little salt, these certified USDA organic, gluten-free, and...
Annie’s Homegrown – Organic Yellow Mustard, 9 Oz
Make Annie's Homegrown Organic Yellow Mustard your new grilling go-to and sandwich staple. Made the Annie’s way, this yellow mustard is the perfect balance of mellow mustard seed flavor with tangy white vinegar and touch of spices from paprika, clove,...
Daiya - Cheddar Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce, 14.2 Oz
Daiya Cheddar Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce is a delicious and ready-to-serve dairy-free cheeze sauce with a rich and creamy texture and tasty cheddar flavor. This sauce is the same as the one used in Daiya's best-selling Cheezy Mac, so you...
Jeff’s Garden – Castelvetrano Olives, 7.5 oz
Jeff's Natural Whole Castelvetrano Olives are uniquely nutty and buttery in flavor with a mild brine and natural green color. Imported from family farms in Castelvetrano Sicily, Jeff's Natural Whole Castelvetrano Olives come in a 7.5 ounce jar and making...
Rao's - Tomato Basil Sauce
The famous taste of Rao within your home with Rao’s Tomato Basil Sauce. All natural and premium quality, it’s only made with wholesome and high-quality ingredients. Slow cooked for that warm, classic homemade tomato sauce flavor, try it with your...
Rao’s – Arrabbiata Sauce, 24 oz
All natural and premium in this bottle of Rao's Arrabbiata Sauce. Enjoy the warm, classic flavor of this slow-cooked and all-purpose Italian spicy pasta sauce to satisfy that pasta cravings. A great pasta sauce for low-carb lifestyle or diet and...
Rao’s – Roasted Garlic Sauce, 24 oz
Enjoy the delicious blend of vine-ripened tomatoes in Rao’s Roasted Garlic Sauce. Imported from Italy, the caramelized roasted garlic gives off that subtle sweetness to the sauce that will make any pasta craving special and more delicious. An excellent source...
Muir Glen - Tomato Sauce, 8 Oz
Muir Glen Organic Tomato Sauce is made with juicy tomatoes harvested at the peak of ripeness. These delicious tomatoes are then cooked into sauce with sea salt, onion, and garlic to help enhance your favorite recipes with organic, non-GMO goodness....
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Cadia – Lentils Dry, 16 oz
C$4.49 C$2.89
Cadia – Lentils Dry, 16 oz
Organic lentils are a nutritional superstar—and though small in size—they’re a good source of plant-based protein and high in fiber. Like all lentil varieties, no soaking is required. They’re the perfect weeknight go-to because they’re ready in just 15 to...
C$4.49 C$2.89
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