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Amy’s - No Chicken Low Fat Noodle Soup, 14.1 Oz
Amy's Organic No Chicken Noodle is a wonderful vegan verison of the iconic satisfying soup. Onions, carrots, celery, and leeks make up the delicious broth that holds organic tofu and pasta. Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Onions, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery,...
Amy's - Lentil Vegetable Soup, 14.5 Oz
Amy's Organic Lentil Vegetable Soup is a hearty lentil-based soup paired with sweet organic carrots, ripe red tomatoes, and tender green beans. Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Onions, Organic Lentils, Organic Carrots, Organic Celery, Organic Potatoes, Organic Spinach, Organic Diced Tomatoes,...
from C$5.39
Amy's - Black Bean Low Fat Medium Chili, 14.7 Oz
Amy's Organic Black Bean Chili is a bold flavored chili with just enough spice. Organic black beans are simmered with tomatos, bell peppers, and green chiles, with a hint of lime. Ingredients: Ingredients (Vegan): Organic Black Beans, Filtered Water, Organic...
from C$5.09
Gardein - Plant-Based Chick'n Noodl' Soup, 15oz
Warm your soul with this hearty and comforting Chick’n Noodl’ Soup from Gardein. Jam-packed with succulent pieces of plant-based chicken, vegan noodles, and veggies! Key Information Vegan Dairy-free Non-GMO No Artificial Preservatives or Flavors Product Overview Presenting a vegan twist...
Amy’s - Split Pea Low Fat Soup, 14.1 Oz
Amy's Organic Low Fat Split Pea Soup is a light and delicate soup that is made from all-natural simple ingredients. Reconnect with traditional flavors and cozy meals with Amy's. Crafted together with organic onions, celery, carrots, and green split peas,...
Amy’s - Vegetable Barley Low Fat Soup, 14.1 Oz
Amy's Organic Low Fat Vegetable Barley Soup bring you a garden blend of organic vegetables and hearty barley simmered in flavorful broth for a classic taste. Easy and convenient to prepare, this soup is low in fat and made from...
from C$5.39
Amy’s - Chunky Vegetable Low Fat Soup, 14.3 Oz
Amy's Organic Chunky Vegetable Soup is a delicious garden party of vegetable flavor. Tender organic carrots and green beans, sweet corn, peas, and spinach are all wrapped up in a savory tomato-based broth. Ingredients: Filtered Water, Organic Diced Tomatoes, Organic...
Amy’s - Minestrone Low Fat Soup, 14.1 Oz
Looking to reconnect with simple cozy meals and recipes? Try Amy's Organic Low Fat Minestrone Soup. Made with all natural simple ingredients that are certified USDA organic, Amy's brings you a hearty soup that will remind you of home. Each...
from C$3.67
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