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Banza - Chickpea Pasta Rigatoni, 8 Oz
Banza Rigatoni Chickpea Pasta is a delicious twist on the household favorite, made with chickpeas to give it 2 times as much protein, 3 times as much fiber, and 30% less carbs. With Banza Chickpea Pasta, you can have pasta...
Banza - Chickpea Pasta Elbows, 8 Oz
Banza Elbow Chickpea Pasta is a wonderful variation on the classic pasta shape, made with chickpeas instead of wheat. Chickpea flour gives these elbows twice as much protein, 3 times as much fiber, and 30% less carbs. With Banza Elbow...
Banza Chickpea Pasta - Pasta Spaghetti Chickpea, 8 oz
Searching for an easy family meal, you’ve got the answer in this pack of Banza Pasta Spaghetti Chickpea that’s also delicious and great for any diet. Switch to a healthy upgrade and get all the benefits of high protein, gluten-free,...
Chickapea – Pasta Penne, 8 oz
Make your favorite penne pasta without the guilt but all the satisfaction with Chickapea Pasta Penne. Made with only two ingredients and packed with 27g of protein, 13g of fiber and gluten-free. Make the switch now with this healthy alternative...
Chickapea – Pasta Shells, 8 oz
You never ever have to choose between convenience and nutrition with Chickapea Pasta Shells. A nutritious, healthy choice that is ready in minutes and made with only two ingredients. Enjoy its goodness at every bite with 27g of protein and...
Chickapea – Elbow Pasta, 8 oz
Make your favorite mac n’ cheese with Chickapea Elbow Pasta. It’s made of organic, gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients. It will absorb your pasta sauce well and will keep its texture, even when cooked. Nothing artificial here, just pure organic chickpeas and...
Chickapea – Lasagne Pasta, 8 oz
Making lasagna can be a breeze with Chickapea’s Lasagne. It’s oven ready, no boiling needed! What’s more, it’s made with the best chickpea, organic yellow lentil, and red lentil flour with kale and spinach powder. Its delicious taste and amazing...
Chickapea – Pasta Spaghetti, 8 oz
Enjoy delicious tasting spaghetti with Chickapea Pasta Spaghetti with its mild taste and smooth texture. Make this your new crowd-pleasing family favorite with more protein and fiber and fewer carbs. Gluten-free and ideal for plant-based diets, easily make a protein-packed...
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