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Amy’s – Organic Spicy Chili, 14.7 Oz
If you like things spicy but organic, then Amy's Organic Spicy Chili is the one for you. Made with organic red beans and tofu then mixed with garlic, bell pepper, and jalapeño for that kicked-up Mexican-style broth. It’s the spicy...
Amy´s - Chili Medium, 14.7 Oz
Amy's Organic Medium Chili is perfect for those looking for bold chili flavor with just the right amount of heat. Made with organic red beans and tofu, simmered in a rich Mexican-style broth. Excellent with homemade cornbread. Ingredients: Ingredients (Vegan):...
Annie Chun's - Korean-style Sweet Chili Bowl, 8 Oz
Annie Chun's Korean-Style Sweet Chili Noodle Bowl packs the power of the Korean chili paste gochujang into every bowl, for sweet and spicy flavor. Tender Hokkien noodles, bok choy, carrots, and cabbage make this a rich, satisfying, and convenient meal....
Amy's - Black Bean Low Fat Medium Chili, 14.7 Oz
Amy's Organic Black Bean Chili is a bold flavored chili with just enough spice. Organic black beans are simmered with tomatos, bell peppers, and green chiles, with a hint of lime. Ingredients: Ingredients (Vegan): Organic Black Beans, Filtered Water, Organic...
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Dr Mcdougall's - Chili Bean Soup, 2.5 Oz
Dr. McDougall's Chili Bean Soup is a deliciously bold minestrone style soup without the simple carbs or gluten found in pasta. Organic tomatoes, black and red beans, onions, and chiles are combined with Dr. McDougall's own pepper sauce to make...
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1 review Amy´s - Chili Light Sodium, 14.7 Oz
from C$5.99
Amy´s - Chili Light Sodium, 14.7 Oz
Amy's Organic Chili Light in Sodium bring you all the great flavors that you know and love from Amys, now with half the sodium. Hearty, filling, and good old fun, chili is the perfect meal that encapsulates Amys humble beginnings...
from C$5.99
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