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The Very Good Butchers - Plant-Based Vegan Deli Meats
By name and by nature, The Very Good Butchers create meat-free masterpieces. Delicious and high in protein, it’s time to embrace the power of beans! Key Information 100% Plant-Based High in Protein Made with Whole Ingredients Choose from Pepperoni, Burger,...
from C$9.09
Tofurky - Deli Slices
Portioned into wafer-thin slices, these smokey, organic Tofu Deli Slices are perfect for picnics, sandwiches or in charcuterie boards.  Key Information Deli Slices in 4 delicious flavours Source of protein Portioned into individual slices for ease  Kosher KSA Parve Low...
from C$5.19
Gusta - Pizzaroni Stick, 200g
Get your vegan pizza party started with the Gusta Pizzaroni Stick! This seitan-based sausage is a delicious, meat-free way to spice up pizza night! Key Information Vegan pepperoni! Seitan-based With paprika and black pepper Perfect for pizza toppings Product Overview...
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