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Dr Mcdougall's - Pad Thai Noodle Soup, 2 Oz
Dr. McDougalls Pad Thai Noodle Soup is a convenient way to enjoy your favorite thai flavors on the go. This gluten-free pad thai noodle cup will satisfy your takeout cravings while enjoying a healthy, convenient, and plant-based snack that will...
Dr Mcdougall's - Chicken Flavor Ramen, 1.8 Oz
Dr. McDougall's Vegan Ramen Chicken Flavor is a fantastic vegan take on the classic convenient ramen noodle cup. Made with organic ramen and flavored with authentic ramen spices. Ingredients: Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour, Yeast Extracts, Organic Starch, Sea Salt, Organic...
Dr Mcdougall's - Spring Onion Noodle Soup, 1.9 Oz
Dr. McDougall's Spring Onion Vegan Noodle Soup Big Cups are the perfect way to satisfy your appetite, in a convenient cup! Organic rice nooodles, onion, garlic, and spring onion create a wonderfully flavorful broth perfect for a quick lunch or...
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Dr Mcdougalls - Lentil Soup Low Sodium, 18 Oz
Dr. McDougall's prescription for you? Flavor! Dr. McDougall's Right Foods Light Sodium Lentil Soup is not only delicious but great for you, hearty and filling, and only 100 calories. Verified non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, this soup is an excellent source...
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Dr Mcdougall's - Chili Bean Soup, 2.5 Oz
Dr. McDougall's Chili Bean Soup is a deliciously bold minestrone style soup without the simple carbs or gluten found in pasta. Organic tomatoes, black and red beans, onions, and chiles are combined with Dr. McDougall's own pepper sauce to make...
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Dr Mcdougall's - Split Pea Lower Sodium Soup, 17.6 Oz
McDougall's Organic Low-Sodium Split Pea Soup is a tasty, quick and nutritious meal that takes delicious split peas and veggies and seasons them perfectly in a low sodium broth. Gluten-free, this organic soup will remind you of cozy homecooked meals....
Dr McDougall’s – Garden Vegetable Lower Sodium Soup, 17.9 Oz
Dr. McDougall's Garden Vegetable Lower Sodium Soup is a delicious blend of vegetables that makes a classic savory vegan broth. Tomatoes, potatoes, celery, onions, and more means this broth is packed with antioxidants! Ingredients: Filtered Water, Vegetables (Tomatoes, Potatoes, Carrots,...
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Dr Mcdougall’s – Pad Thai Noodle, 2 oz
Satisfy your takeout cravings with Dr. Mcdougall's Entree Pad Thai Noodle Gluten-free. Perfectly seasoned, quick, easy, and tastes great, this noodle soup cup is a great staple for weeknight dinners and busy workdays. Made with gluten-free rice noodles and flavorful...
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Dr McDougall’s – Hot & Sour Noodle Soup Cup, 1.9 oz
Made with organic ramen, Dr McDougall's Hot & Sour Noodle Soup Cup is quick, easy and tastes great. Make this your plant-based and wholesome way to satisfy your strongest takeout cravings. With Dr. McDougall, delicious wellness is made easy and...
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Dr Mcdougall’s – Miso Ramen Noodle Soup, 1.9 Oz
Dr. McDougall's Organic Miso Ramen Noodle Soup is a deliciously wholesome take on the classic noodle soup cup. Made with real wakame seaweed and real miso, this soup is packed with great tasting nutrition. Ingredients: Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour, Miso...
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Dr Mcdougall's - Split Pea Soup, 2.5 Oz
Dr. McDougall's Split Pea Soup is a rich, satisfying split pea soup in a convenient cup, and is packed with protein and fiber. Certified non-GMO, gluten-free, and approved by Dr. McDougall himself! Ingredients: Split Peas, Onion, Natural Flavors, Potato Starch,...
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Dr McDougall’s – Black Bean and Lime Soup Cup, 3.4 oz
Great tasting, nutritious and portable with Dr McDougall's Black Bean and Lime Soup Cup. Perfectly seasoned and filling, it has 21g of plant-based protein and fiber to sustain your energy during busy days. Make this your favorite weekly staple for...
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