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Sophie's Kitchen - Vegan Smoked Salmon, 4 Oz
Looking forward to brunch? Top your next bagel with Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Smoked Salmon and be amazed at the flavor and texture of one of your favorite new foods. For vegans who are missing seafood, Sophie's Kitchen makes amazing cruelty-free...
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Beyond Meat - Plant-Based Burger, 2Ct, 8 oz
Enjoy that rich taste and meaty texture you always love in a burger—while keeping yourself healthy—with Beyond Meat Plant-Based Burger. Gluten-free, soy-free, and GMO-free, these patties contain 20g of plant protein per serving and 35% less saturated fat than regular...
Sophie's Kitchen - Vegan Breaded Shrimp, 8.8 Oz
Crispy, golden, and oh so delicious, Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Breaded Shrimp makes dinner easy. Whether you're making sushi, tacos, or curry, these plant-based shrimp are the perfect way to satisfy your seafood cravings now with an oceansafe alternative. Just keep...
Sophie's Kitchen - Vegan Fish Fillets, 8.8 Oz
For any vegans or plant-based eaters who miss seafood, Sophie's Kitchen Vegan Fish Fillets are a tasty breaded dinner option that's gluten-free, non-GMO, and delicious! Sophie's Kitchen "Fish" Fillets are made from natural ingredients, and are free of preservatives, artificial...
Cascadian Farms - Frozen Shelled Edamame, 10 oz
Get your daily dose of healthy proteins with Cascadian Farms’ Organic Edamame Soybeans in the pod. They’re organically grown and certified gluten-, egg-, and peanut-free which means they’re safe for anyone to enjoy. Ingredients: Organic Soybeans, Sea Salt.
Stahlbush Island Farms - Frozen Tri-Colored Carrots, 10 oz
Make your stir-fries more exciting with Stahlbush Island Farms’ Tri-colored Carrots. These are organically and sustainably grown in the US, so you can enjoy your meals guilt-free. They’re perfect for stir-fries, stew, or as a side dish. Ingredients: Carrots.
Alpha Foods - Chik’n and Veggie Pot Pie
Make meal- and snack time a breeze with Alpha Foods’ Chik’n and Veggie Pot Pie. It’s made with meatless chicken, dairy-free mozzarella cheese, grilled broccoli, mushrooms, and onions in a savory gravy. Just pop it in the microwave and enjoy!...
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Beyond Meat - Beyond Sausage Brat Original, 4 Pack
Indulge in your favorite meaty sausage dish the healthy way with Beyond Meat Beyond Sausage Brat Original. Containing 16g of plant protein and 35% less saturated fat, it has all the juicy, meaty deliciousness of a traditional pork sausage but...
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Beyond Meat - Beyond Beef Plant-Based Ground, 16 oz
Turn any recipe into a meaty plant-based masterpiece with the versatility of Beyond Meat Beyond Beef Plant-Based Ground. Each pack contains 20g plant protein and 35% less saturated fat, which means it’s a good beef alternative that can be added...
Good Catch - Plant-Based Classic Fish Burger, 8 oz
Let your taste buds travel along the seasides by getting Good Catch Plant-Based Classic Fish Burgers served on your plate. These plant-based seafood patties are made with a flavorful six-legume blend, algae oil, and then seasoned with green onion, celery,...
Field Roast - Plant-Based Nuggets, 10 oz
Remember the joy that a chicken nugget could bring you as a kid? Field Roast Plant-Based Nuggets brings that experience back including its delicious flavor that can stand up to different dips, all the while being healthy! Made from whole...
Field Roast - Plant-Based Miniature Corn Dogs, 10 oz
Be reminded of the classic summer memories of amusement parks and county fairs from the comfort of your home with Field Roast Miniature Corn Dogs. Crafted with savory plant-based Classic Smoked Frankfurters and coated with traditional cornbread batter, these vegan...
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