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Go Vegan For January
Learn About Veganuary

Hence why we’ve put together a helpful guide for a whole range of holidays and gift occasions. Fear not: there are umpteen vegan gift ideas for you here so you’re never stuck for what to get! 

We’ve got exciting vegan gift baskets, organic vegan gift ideas and everything in between for you to feel equipped as a proficient gift-buyer!

Frequently Asked Questions

What to get a friend who’s newly vegan?

We’ve all got a friend who’s freshly committed to a plant-based diet, let’s give the baby vegan in our life a little nudge of encouragement! 

It’s wholly possible that your friend, in the infant stages of their vegan journey, is missing meat a bit. It’s natural. Maybe they need something to give them hope, something to show them they can still eat delicious plant-based meat alternatives without harming any animals in the process. 

We recommend putting together a little hamper of tasty vegan meat alternatives to take them firmly away from the dark side. 

Noble Jerky’s Vegan Sweet BBQ Jerky is a favourite here at PlantX. If they chomp some of this stuff they’ll never turn back!

Can you get vegan gifts for non-vegan people?

Sure! You don’t have to be vegan to enjoy plant-based gifts, especially seeing as so many of the gift options at PlantX are high-quality, organic and eco-friendly products. 

We defy anyone, vegan or not, to not adore any of the glorious vegan Bath & Body products we have. Bursting with fragrant natural oils and sustainably-sourced ingredients, you’d be mad not to love them!

Be sure to check out our Vegan Cheese collection, too! Granted, it's a bold move, but you'll find some killer cheeses in there - some are even better than their dairy counterparts!

For a safer option, have a browse in our Beauty Care collection - these amazing cruelty-free products are bound to impress. 

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