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Laird Superfood - Organic Mushroom Coffee, 12oz
Supercharge your morning with a potent multi-functional blend of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, Chaga, and Organic Peruvian coffee! Key Information Contains a powerful and functional blend of Lion’s Mane, Cordyceps, and Chaga Organic Peruvian Coffee 100% Arabica High Altitude Bean Certified...
Laird Superfood – Daily Jumpstart Lemon Ginger, 8 oz
A delicious hydration solution with lemon fresh with a hint of spice, ginger, cayenne, and lucuma. Add a zesty twist to your daily beverage with this lemon fresh and spice-hinted organic blend. Make the Daily Jumpstart Lemon Ginger the new...
Laird Superfood - Creamer Original, 8 oz
Only the finest and the cleanest from the original superfood creamer. Smooth and creamy texture, coconut hints, and the perfect touch of sweetness. Change to this clean, plant-based alternative from your traditional dairy and sugar laden coffee creamers. No sugar...
Laird Superfood – Creamer Original Mushroom, 8 oz
The epic and unique blends of mushrooms, chaga, cordyceps, maitake mushrooms, and lion’s mane add vibrancy and a delightful spark of energy to your day. Give your favorite drinks, baked goods, and others the nourishing and energizing powers of mushrooms...
Laird Superfood - Creamer Turmeric, 8 oz
Add the earthy, musky, and peppery spice flavors of turmeric to your favorite warm milk, coffee, tea, smoothie, milk, or your favorite dishes for that superfood experience. With MCTs from coconut oil, it’s made with all natural, whole food ingredients...
1 review Laird Superfood - Creamer Cacao, 8 Oz
Laird Superfood - Creamer Cacao, 8 Oz
Add a rich chocolate flavor to your favorite beverage or recipes without the guilt. Made with all-natural, wholefood ingredients without additives and artificial flavors. This superfood creamer is made with raw, cold-pressed cacao, whole-food ingredients, and with a full range...
Laird Superfood – Instafuel, 8 oz
An instant but delicious superfood latte from freeze-dried Arabica coffee and the original superfood creamer making that smooth, creamy latte with a touch of sweet coconut. The perfect mix of premium instant coffee and original superfood creamer in an easy,...
Laird Superfood – Creamer Chocolate Mint, 8 oz
Blending cold-pressed cacao and peppermint for that fresh spin on peppermint mocha. An instant fan favorite for those who love peppermint mocha and suitable for different kinds of diet. Naturally contains a full range of MCTs, it’s made with all-natural...
Laird Superfood – Hydrate Pineapple Mango, 8 oz
A flavorful twist on coconut water with the lush tropical flavors of pineapple and mango. A family crowd-pleaser with its sweet tropical taste. With its wholesome, approachable taste of sweet and tropical, the whole family will surely enjoy and love...
Laird Superfood – Hydrate Coconut, 8 oz
An all-natural, delicious, and refreshing hydration blend with lightly sweet and hints of salt flavor. Packed with Aquamin, it’s got essential electrolytes and trace minerals. Perfect for fans of coconut water, it’s budget friendly, eco-friendly, and an easy way of...
Laird Superfood – Instafuel Matcha, 8 oz
A smooth and satisfying matcha latte in this blend of matcha green tea and original superfood creamer that is complete with a full range of MCTs. Make a nourishing matcha latte at home or on-the-go with this delicious combination of...
Laird Superfood - Peruvian Dark Roast Whole Bean Coffee, 12oz
Crafted for dedicated coffee connoisseurs looking to perfect their regimen and enjoy a delicious single-origin flavorful, nutritious, and aromatic coffee. Key Information High Altitude Grown Hand-Picked Slow Roasted USDA Certified Organic LAB Tested - No Chemicals, Toxins or Mold Non-GMO...
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