Littlenort – PlantX Canada
Littlenort - Cinnamon & Raisin Bread, 17 Oz
Make your comfort food even more comfortable with Littlenort Cinnamon & Raisin Bread. Enjoy the naturally sweet raisins and delightfully soft texture in this perfect match of deliciousness. Try it with eggless French toast, cherries jubilee gluten-free ice cream sandwich,...
Littlenort - Gluten-Free Millet and Chia Bread, 16 Oz
Experience bread like you’ve never have before with Littlenort Gluten-Free Millet and Chia Bread. Made with nutrient-rich millet and chia seeds, this bread has a smooth texture and delicate crunch. Makes the perfect gluten-free lunchtime sandwich or crunchy gluten-free breakfast...
Littlenort - Gluten-free Seeds and Grains Bread, 17 Oz
Make breakfast better with Littlenort Gluten-free Seeds and Grains Bread. Enjoy its satisfying crunch and moist texture and it’s also 100% plant-based, egg-free, non-GMO, and allergy-friendly. Made with a range of crunchy seeds and grains, this bread has it all....
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