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Madhava – Clean & Simple Zero Calorie Allulose Sweetener, 12 oz
Avoid the sudden spikes in your blood sugar level with only the purest ingredients. This clean and simple allulose sweetener is a natural substitute to sugar. Made with only three ingredients — prebiotic fiber, monk fruit, and allulose — you’ll...
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Madhava – Agave Nectar Vanilla, 11.75 oz
Get all of the health benefits of agave with a kick of vanilla. Extracted from a desert plant, agave nectar’s sweetness comes from fructose, the compound commonly found in fruits. Due to its form, agave can be used in a...
C$8.19 C$6.29
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Madhava – Raw Agave Nectar, 11.75 oz
It’s tasty, crunchy, and minimally processed. This better-for-you snack is made with only six (6) simple and easy-to-understand ingredients for that wholesome plant-based goodness. Enjoy your favorite savory pizza flavor and crispy crunch in this convenient flax snax with 5g...
C$8.79 C$8.29
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