Motherday Chocolate & Candy – PlantX Canada
Endangered Species - Sea Salt Almond Dark Chocolate Bar
Endangered Species Sea Salt and Almond Dark Chocolate Bars are a deliciously complex chocolate bar made with 72% cocoa dark chocolate, with the intent to bring awareness to the plight of the Eurasian Eagle-Owl. Endangered Species Chocolate adds crunchy roasted...
Ginger People - Gin Gins Ginger Candy
Enjoy a burst of spice with the Ginger People’s Gin Gins Candy made with fresh ginger! Delicious, soothing, yet stimulating, these candies are a treat! Key Information Vegan Gluten-Free May Help Fight Nausea Great for Traveling Natural, Stimulating, and Delicious...
from C$4.49
Justin's - Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
Need a cheeky treat to satisfy that sweet tooth? Why not try Justin’s creamy and indulgent Dark Chocolate Cups? They’re the perfect pick-me-up! Key Information Vegan Dark Chocolate Cups Organic and non-GMO Gluten-free Kosher Sustainably sourced with Rainforest Alliance Product...
Happy Reindeer - Licorice, 142g
If you’re looking to get your fix of organic licorice, then Happy Reindeer is up your street! Now you can enjoy the sweetest experience of traditional Finnish confectionery! Key Information Finnish Premium Without Colouring Naturally Flavoured  Non-GMO  Certified Organic Product...
That's it. - Organic Dark Chocolate Apple Truffle Bites, 142g
Eureka! That's it. Organic Dark Chocolate Apple Truffle Bites are a snacker’s delight. Dark chocolate with apple and banana make this deliciously bittersweet. Key Information No insane amounts of sugar and no artificial flavours Each truffle only has 20-35 calories...
Galerie Au Chocolat - Dark Chocolate 72% Fondue, 200g
Dipping sliced fruit or vegan marshmallows into Galerie Au Chocolat’s 100% fairtrade and Organic Dark Chocolate 72% Fondue is a heavenly way to end a meal! Key Information 100% Fairtrade & organic  Free from GMOs, soy and preservatives Gluten-free &...
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