Olbas – PlantX Canada
Olbas - Sugar-Free Lozenges
Soothe your sore throat and ease that persistent cough with these amazing sugar-free blackcurrant lozenges. Time to breathe free and easy again. Key Information Sugar-free with vitamin C Powerful vapors Natural oral anesthetic Soothes your sore throat Fights off coughs...
Olbas - Inhaler Nasal Stick
Everyone gets a stuffy nose now and then, the Olbas Inhaler offers quick and easy relief from your blocked nose no matter what the occasion. Key Information Contains pure plant oils Small and perfect to take anywhere Clears blocked sinuses...
Olbas - Aromatherapy & Massage Oil
Olbas Aromatherapy & Massage Oil is a tried and tested blend of all-natural essential oils to soothe muscle tension and clear your breathing. Key Information Message oil that soothes your muscles Aromatherapeutic Cruelty-Free All-Natural Blend of 6 Essential Oils Product...
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