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It’s in our name! Here at PlantX, we think plants are gifts that just keep on giving. Chocolates are soon snaffled, wine is quickly quaffed, and a bunch of flowers will wilt, but plants, with the right love and care, will grow and thrive for years to come. And every time your friend looks at their gifted greenery, they will think of you. 

Plant gifts are brilliant for all kinds of people. From the most green-fingered to first-time plant parents, there is a perfect plant for everyone. Plus, indoor gardening is fast becoming one of the nation’s favorite hobbies. We’d say it’s a safe bet that everyone from your office buddy to your mother-in-law will appreciate a well-chosen plant gift. Luckily, we have a fantastic range of plant gifts to suit every household - from low maintenance and hardy to high-input, high-reward! Plant pals all around! 

What to consider when choosing a plant for a friend

There are some factors to consider when choosing the right plant for your lucky friend, colleague, or relative. Let’s explore a few things to keep in mind while browsing our amazing array of plant gifts… 

1. Space: This is an important one. Consider the size of the recipient’s home when choosing which plant to give them. If they’ve got a studio apartment that’s already stuffed to the brim, they’re probably not going to want a leggy Monstera or a majestic Bird of Paradise taking over the room. However, if they’ve just moved into a new home and are looking for statement pieces for that new fireplace or bay window, those kinds of large-scale showstopper plants might just make the perfect gift. 

2. Time: Realistically, how much time does your recipient have to care for a plant? Do they travel a lot? For friends with busy schedules, a plant that requires an intensive misting regime, rainwater collection, and new compost every few months is probably not going to last long. For time-poor pals, choose something low maintenance that brings some calming, tropical vibes to enhance the time they do get to spend at home relaxing. For friends who love the rituals of plant care, you can go all out with a needy green pal to add to their plant family! 

3. Experience: Be honest - does the recipient have a good plant care track record? How many houseplants have you seen gasping for water on the window sill? If your friend is a known plant killer (we all know one), or simply hasn’t cared for many houseplants before, go for something low maintenance and easy care like a Spider plant or Aloe vera. One of the nicest things about giving plants as gifts is that they are alive, so you want them to stay that way for as long as possible! If your friend is a renowned plant parent who expertly tends to their own urban jungle already, choose something more unusual or exciting. 

4. Location: Consider where your friend’s home is situated. Think about light, temperature, and humidity, and pick a plant that will thrive in the conditions where they live. For those living in hot, dry places, choose desert plants like this housewarming collection of Succulents. For those in more humid environments, Chinese Money plants or Polka dots will thrive. For plant gifts destined for a chillier home or somewhere with long, cold winters, choose hardier species like Snake plants or Jade plants.

5. Style: Think about your friend’s style. What is their interior decor like? What will go well with their minimalist color palette or industrial exposed brick and copper piping? Choose plants with shapes and colors that will complement their existing home space or that reflect their city. Check out this guide for how to style plants like an interior designer. 

The benefits of plant gifts

Giving the gift of a plant is giving so much more than the plant itself. Plants not only make a house a home, but they also deliver many psychological and physical benefits. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits your plant gift can bring…

Air Purification: Many houseplants have been scientifically proven to improve air quality, increase oxygen levels and remove harmful toxins from the air. 

Reduced Stress Levels: The presence of plants in the home or office has been shown to make people feel calmer. The simple, enjoyable tasks of indoor gardening have been shown to be beneficial for mental wellbeing. Houseplants are even thought to lower blood pressure! 

Increased Productivity: Multiple research projects show that the presence of plants has been shown to increase productivity and creativity. Choose a leafy office companion for your friend and watch them both thrive! 

Allergy Relief: Plants are dazzling dust-busters, removing dust from the air which can be easily wiped from the leaves. This can help provide relief from allergies, and help your friends to breathe easy! 

More Humidity: Many plants increase the humidity in the home. This can benefit your skin and respiratory health, especially in the winter months or in dry climates. 

Still not convinced that plants are the perfect gifts? Just have a read about the science-backed benefits of indoor plants, you'll be gifting plants to everyone (and yourself)! 

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