Ramen Noodles – PlantX Canada
Koyo – Ramen – Garlic Pepper, 2 oz
Start your umami adventure with Koyo’s garlic pepper ramen filled with zesty flavor and with a unique broth that provides just that right amount of kick to your ramen bowl. Its organic ramen noodles are baked, not fried and it’s...
Koyo - Ramen Ginger Lemongrass
Get an eclectic combination of spices in this blend of ginger and lemongrass ramen. Enjoy the slightly sharp and tangy taste of lemongrass and the slightly peppery, sweet, pungent, and spicy aroma of ginger infused in this organic ramen noodles....
Koyo – Ramen – Mushroom, 2 oz
Delight your senses in this earthy mushroom flavored ramen with its rich, savory taste. Made with organic ramen noodles, enjoy the no-guilty pleasure of your favorite ramen at home because it’s also baked and not fried. With broth that has...
1 review Koyo – Ramen – Seaweed, 2 oz
Koyo – Ramen – Seaweed, 2 oz
The delicate, highly nutritious, and light sweet Wakame seaweed can now be enjoyed in this convenient pack of ramen besides your salads and miso soup. A Japanese inspired classic, this organic ramen noodles is both savory and bold that’s also...
Koyo – Ramen – Tofu & Miso, 2 oz
Love both tofu and miso but want to enjoy it other than miso soup? Get the best of both worlds in Koyo’s tofu miso ramen with its aromatic miso and nutty tofu flavors that are sure to elevate your senses....
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