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Hungry Buddha - Keto Bars, 1.4 oz
Searching for clean, plant-based keto bars that taste amazing? Look no further! Hungry Buddha Keto Bars are the revitalizing snack for you. Key Information Vegan Gluten-Free Designed for a Keto Diet Packed with Healthy Fats 9g Plant Protein, 4g Net...
Good to Go - Soft Baked Keto Bars
Made with nutrient-dense almond flour, Good to Go Soft Baked Keto Bars are the ideal keto-friendly guilt-free snack - with only 4g net carbs and less than 2g sugar!  Key Information Soft Baked Bars in Cocoa Coconut, Raspberry Lemon &...
Madegood - Mixed Berry Granola Minis, 3.4 Oz
Madegood Mixed Berry Granola Minis are a gluten-free bite of granola blended with the sweet and tart taste of blueberry, cranberry, raspberry, and oats. Each bite helps keep you feeling fuller, longer and tastes like a mini berry crumble. Each...
That's it. - Organic Dark Chocolate Apple Truffle Bites, 142g
Eureka! That's it. Organic Dark Chocolate Apple Truffle Bites are a snacker’s delight. Dark chocolate with apple and banana make this deliciously bittersweet. Key Information No insane amounts of sugar and no artificial flavours Each truffle only has 20-35 calories...
That's it. - Fruit Bars
That’s it Fruit Bars are the simplest, truest, healthiest fruit bars—each bar is just two whole servings of fruit. That’s it. Just fruit, nothing else. Key Information Nutritious, delicious, kid-friendly No refrigeration needed, easy to store and carry Diet-friendly, Paleo-certified,...
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Madegood - Chocolate Banana Granola Minis, 5x24g
Madegood’s Chocolate Banana Granola Minis are the perfect on-the-go snacks. Plant-based, sweet and nutritious, with the perfect chocolate-banana combination. Key Information Five packets of gorgeous, gluten-free chocolate banana granola minis Made with plant-based, organic ingredients Completely non-GMO and kosher Allergy-friendly...
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