they are alternative spreads that can be used like any other condiments such as jam, vegan butter or marmalade. Fruit spreads are basically jam but with no added sugar. Nut butter, despite the name, has no real resemblance to normal or vegan butters. It is a paste composed of ground down nuts that has a surprisingly buttery texture.

Both are delicious, and both have some great health benefits! Keep on reading to find out more about why you need nut butter and fruit spreads in your pantry.

What’s the difference between fruit spread and jam, jellies and preserves? Are fruit spreads healthier?

They all kind of look the same, so it’s hard to know whether you’re eating a fruit spread, a jam, a jelly or a preserve! Like we said above, fruit spread is very similar to jam, except it has no added sugar. They’re 100% fruit, making them a great option for those of us who love our jam but need to cut back on the sugar! The only sugar you’ll find in these jars is the sugar that naturally comes from fruit.

Jam does contain real fruit too, but with the added sugar. Jellies are made with strained fruit juice, meaning there’s no actual fruit in jelly. Preserves will have whole pieces of fruit in them, giving them a chunkier texture than jams, jellies and fruit spreads. They also have added sugars. So fruit spreads might not be a bad addition to the pantry if you’re looking for a slightly healthier option!

Is nut butter healthy?

There’s more to nut butter than peanut butter! We all know and love peanut butter, but there are loads of other types of nut butter that you can try, such as almond butter, walnut butter, cashew butter, hazelnut butter, and more!

Not to mention that nut butter has great health benefits. It is high in protein and fibre, and high in vitamin E - an important antioxidant that keeps your immune system strong. Although nut butter has a high fat content, these are healthy fats that are actually good for cholesterol and your heart!

Which nut butter is the healthiest?

So which nut butter is healthiest? Generally, they all have benefits, but to help you out, take a look at the ingredients before purchasing. Try to avoid high salt and sugar content, as well as nut butter with hydrogenated oils. If you’re looking for a straight answer, almond butter is slightly higher in healthy fats and vitamin E - and it’s also delicious!

Are all nut butters and fruit spreads vegan? 

A lot of nut butters are vegan! Often they are made up of nuts, oil, sugar and salt. However, we always recommend checking the ingredient list before you buy or eat a product. Some nut butters may contain extra ingredients such as honey, fish oil and gelatin, which are not part of a vegan diet. Some products can also be made in facilities where non-vegan products are made, meaning traces of non-vegan ingredients could end up in other products. So while a lot of nut butters are vegan, make sure you always check the label.

And what about fruit spreads? When it comes to delicious fruit spreads, watch out for ingredients like gelatin or jello (which has gelatin in it!). These could be added as a thickener. Just remember to always double-check that label, so you can enjoy your fruit spread stress-free!

How else can I use nut butters and fruit spreads while cooking?

Nut butters and fruit spreads don’t just have to be reserved for breakfast time! Get creative and incorporate these great food products into your favorite meals! Nut butter can be used in sweet and savory recipes. Why not make some tasty, vegan nut butter cups? Some vegan dark chocolate and the nut butter of your choice will make for a tasty treat to share with friends and family. Vegans and non-vegans will go nuts for them! Or, add some nut butter to a vegan stew or soup for a creamy texture and nutty flavor! Flavor tip: sweet potato tastes great with peanut butter…

Fruit spreads are perfect for adding to your favorite desserts that you might want to make that little bit healthier! Elevate your oat bars by adding a delicious layer of fruit spread - perfect for a healthy snack that you can take with you on the go. Or add a layer of fruit spread onto your favorite vegan cakes for an extra punch of fruity flavor!