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Lakanto – Monkfruit Sweetener Classic, 28.22 oz
This perfect mix of monk fruit extract with erythritol is a good white sugar replacement that tastes like sugar and suitable for different diets. Perfect for coffee, desserts, sweets, and other sugar-free treats and doubles the sweetness of sugar in...
Wholesome - Coconut Palm Sugar, 16 Oz
Wholesome Organic Coconut Palm Sugar is a rich and aromatic sugar with a subtle caramel flavor, produced by tapping and distilling the nectar of the coconut palm flower. This sugar has a slightly lower glycemic index than cane sugar and...
Lakanto – Monkfruit Sweetener Golden, 28.22 oz
Bring “chi” to your daily life with this brown or white sugar substitute that matches the sweetness of sugar and tastes like sugar. Perfect as a healthy cup-to-cup alternative to ordinary baking and cooking. Key ingredients include monk fruit extract,...
Swerve - Brown Sugar, 340g
Make life a little sweeter with Swerve’s Brown Sugar! A natural sweetener without artificial ingredients. Just like sugar with zero calories! Sweet deal, right? Key Information Zero-calorie natural sweetener Diabetes-safe Measures, bakes, and cooks like sugar Low glycemic index Delicious...
Swerve - Sugar Replacement Icing Sugar, 340g
A cup-for-cup natural sugar replacement that’s ideal for baking, Swerve’s Sugar Replacement Icing Sugar browns and caramelizes just like the real thing! Key Information Zero-calorie No artificial flavours, ingredients or preservatives Gluten-free Measures cup-for-cup like sugar Keto-friendly Product Overview We...
Swerve - Granular Sugar Replacement, 340g
We'll keep it short and sweet: Swerve’s Granular Sugar Replacement tastes just like sugar but with zero calories. Get yours today, too sweet! Key Information Low glycemic index sweetener Diabetes-safe Measures and bakes just like sugar Plant-derived ingredients Incredible sugar...
Provisions - Cinnamon Sugar, 110g
Provisions Cinnamon Sugar is a beautiful organic blend of sugar, spice and all things nice! This will add sweet perfection to anything you sprinkle it on.  Key Information Sugar flavoured with cinnamon and spices No GMOs or preservatives Recyclable jar...
Liva - Organic Raw Date Sugar, 400g
Introducing Liva’s Organic Raw Date Sugar. An all-natural, antioxidant-rich and fibre-packed alternative to refined sugar. Why settle for less when you can have it all? Key Information A healthier alternative to plain sugar Perfect for baking, cooking and sweetening 100%...
Wholesome - Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar, 680g
Wholesome’s Raw Cane Turbinado Sugar is raw sugar with large golden granules and a hint of molasses, derived from organically grown, non-GMO sugarcane. Key Information Crunchy and caramelly Large golden granules Organic, raw, non-GMO, gluten-free Derived from sustainably-grown sugarcane unexposed...
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