What is Vegan Bacon?

Vegan Bacon sounds like an impossible feat and, frankly, it is. You won’t believe how good these Vegan Bacon substitutes are!

Vegan Bacon is a plant-based food that captures the essence of bacon, but makes it dairy-free, cruelty-free, more nutritious, and more delicious! Crispy, chewy, and the right amount of salty - our plant-based bacon products are tastier than the meat stuff.

Believe it or not, bacon was invented in the 1500s! Vegan bacon is a relatively new invention, and we think it’s a food of the future. There is loads you can do with vegan bacon, you can eat it alone as a healthy snack, pop a couple of slices into a sandwich, lay some over a vegan pizza, or incorporate some into a delicious pasta dish. Different vegan bacon products are suited to different recipes.

We have selected different varieties of plant-based bacon. Whether you’re a vegan or not, plant-based bacon is going to impress you. Try one of our vegan bacon substitutes to experience the magic. Read on to find out more and we’ll help you choose the perfect plant-based bacon!

What does Vegan Bacon taste like?

Vegan Bacon is plant-based bacon that captures the smoky, savory flavor of the meat stuff. It can be made with various different plant bases such as soy, gluten, and even beets.

The chosen base gives it its satisfying texture, whilst a combination of spices, herbs, and natural flavorings bring the mouthwatering umami. Plant-based bacon carefully recreates the traits of animal-based bacon: smoky, salty, slightly sweet, with a wonderfully crispy texture. At the same time, each vegan bacon product has its own unique taste.

Some of our vegan bacon contains shiitake mushrooms, maple syrup, sage, paprika, and liquid hickory smoke. The result is a range of plant-based bacon products with their own special tastes and textures. For an idea of what each vegan bacon product tastes like, check the ingredients list on the product’s page or packaging. There’s something for every taste!

Our Vegan Bacon

Let's have a look at some of our top Vegan Bacon products, to help you decide which one is for you!

1. Hooray Foods - Hickory Plant-Based Bacon

Hooray Foods Hickory Plant-Based Bacon contains a special umami blend of shiitake mushrooms and liquid smoke, to bring you a Vegan Bacon you'll be singing about. You can pan-fry, bake or microwave it, and it cooks in its own coconut oil so there’s no need for nasty cooking oils! 

2. BeLeaf - Vegan Bacon

BeLeaf’s vegan Bacon has a deliciously thin and crispy texture. It’s bursting with savory seasonings and textured soybean protein. The resulting flavor is smoky, rich, and salty. Just like the real stuff, but without the unhealthy fats or cruelty. Top with some maple syrup for a dash of sweetness!

3. Sweet Earth - Hickory & Sage Seitan Bacon

Seitan is one of our favorite meat substitutes. Sweet Earth uses seitan to achieve its crispy texture. Compared to animal-based bacon, this has 70% less fat and 60% less sodium, so you don’t need to feel guilty. Sage, paprika, natural hickory smoke, tomato, and garlic create a truly unique flavor.

Ways to use Plant-Based Bacon

Vegan Bacon is not just for a sandwich! Here are a few ideas for how to eat your vegan bacon:

  • OK, yes - in a sandwich. We love a simple Vegan Bacon sandwich with organic ketchup. Or the all-mightly BLT! Layer some plant-based bacon between white bread with lettuce, sliced tomato, and vegan mayo for this unbeatable classic.
  • Vegan Bacon Hash. Dice some potatoes, onion, and Vegan Bacon. Heat oil in a pan over medium heat then add the potatoes. Fry, turning occasionally as the side touching the pan turns golden brown. When all sides have begun to brown, add the onion and Vegan Bacon. Fry for 5-10 minutes until the onion is translucent and the plant-based bacon is crisp! Serve with a dollop of mustard for a hearty weekend brunch.
  • Vegan Carbonara. You can adapt our recipe for Dairy-Free Alfredo Fettucine Pasta by stirring in some Vegan Bacon that you’ve already crisped up in a hot pan. A quick but decadent dinner for pasta lovers!
  • Make Vegan Bacon Crumbles! Fry up slices of plant-based bacon till crispy and golden brown. Crumble or tear them into small shreds using your fingers. Alternatively, dice into very small pieces. You can now store your Vegan Bacon Crumbles in an airtight container in the fridge, and sprinkle them onto salads, pasta, baked potatoes, and lots more! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do vegetarians replace bacon in a recipe?

Until recently, vegetarians couldn’t eat bacon at all! Lucky for us (and the planet!), there is now a range of plant-based bacon to solve this predicament and eliminate any FOMO. Our range of the best Vegan Bacon can be used as a bacon substitute by vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarians alike! Use it as you would use regular bacon.

What is a vegan substitute for bacon?

Whilst you can make your own Vegan Bacon at home (check out our recipe for Vegan Carrot Bacon!), most of us don’t usually have the time! That’s why we’ve brought together this range of the best plant-based bacon, to give you more options to suit your taste and schedule. All of our Vegan Bacons offer something unique in flavor, texture, and ingredients, but all of them are delicious and nutritious. Take a look at our plant-based bacon and discover for yourself the many forms and flavors!

Is vegan bacon healthy?

Our range of the best Vegan Bacon is all-natural and packed full of wholesome ingredients. Unlike ‘real’ bacon, these plant-based bacon substitutes are not as high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Many studies have shown that cooked bacon is bad for your health. Vegan began is still high in protein which means that it’s a healthy alternative to animal-based bacon.