What’s a vegan bar? No, it’s not a place where vegans congregate to enjoy a cold one… In this case, we’re talking about vegan candy bars and other plant-based bars! These quick delicious snacks help us get through our busy days. From raw superfood bites to decadent chocolate-covered bars, our selection is powered by nature’s best ingredients 🤤. So whether you need a quick pick-me-up or a little nibble, PlantX has got your back!

Are vegan chocolate bars tickling your taste buds right now? Go and check out No Cow. Packed with 22g of protein, this brand skips the dairy and its products are creamy and dreamy! Or maybe looking for something fruity? With each bar packed with two servings of fruit, That's it. is paving the way for delicious natural bars. 🌿

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which protein bars are vegan?

When in doubt, check our list out! The PlantX vegan bar page is home to many great selections. 

Here’s a great pick! Good to Go’s Snack Bar is available in three flavors (Blueberry Cashew, Cinnamon Pecan, and Raspberry Lemon). These soft-baked bars are tasty and are made with non-GMO ingredients! They also have great texture - think soft and chewy cookies! Not only are they vegan, but they are also kosher, keto-friendly, paleo-friendly, grain-free, and gluten-free

When is it best to eat a vegan bar?

It really depends. Vegan bars, particularly those with boosted protein content, are best enjoyed after a workout. That can help build or maintain lean muscle.

If you plan on subbing out a meal, particularly dinner, for a vegan bar, make sure that you eat it about one to two hours before bed. If you plan on enjoying this for breakfast, you can! Although don’t make replacing a good breakfast with a vegan bar a habit.

You can also enjoy a vegan bar as a snack, eaten between meals.

Why should I eat a vegan bar?

When you want a healthier snack other than potato chips, candies, or gummies, get a vegan bar! Vegan bars are usually made with seeds, nuts, and grains… overall healthier and more nutritious ingredients!

Yes, you can get more sinful options, but they’re still packed with natural ingredients like seeds and dried fruit. Vegan bars are great when traveling. You can have one whenever you get hungry or need a little energy boost - and you can easily pack one in your bag, jacket, or even your pants pocket.

What are the benefits of vegan bars?

Well if they contain nuts, your vegan bars can give you some healthy fats. Some dried fruit and seeds can also provide substantial nutrition. The protein found in a lot of vegan bars makes it a great post-workout snack, too!

Going into the plant-based protein more, that ingredient can help you stay full for longer. If you stay full for longer, you eat less. That means they can potentially help you lose weight!