Looking for the best vegan chips? Look no further than PlantX. We have researched the very best vegan chip brands to ensure the tastiest of plant-based snacks are just a click away. Whether you want bean & grain chips, kale chips 🥬, potato chips 🥔, or even mushroom chips 🍄, we’ve got you covered. Plant-based chips make for a moreish and satisfying snack at work, or for sharing with friends. Scoff them straight from the bag or dunk them into your favorite vegan dip. The challenge is putting them down!

Our vegan chip brands have your best interests at heart. They’re all making something truly special, using simple and natural ingredients. Try Siete’s top-selling range of vegan tortilla chips, in a range of mouthwatering flavors such as Lime or Nacho. Or opt for a classic with Kettle Brand’s range of perfectly crisp potato chips.

Hungry yet? No worries - you’re in the right place. The best vegan chips are all to be found here. Have a look around and try a selection!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are vegan chips freezer friendly?

Surprisingly, you can freeze chips! Freezing vegan potato chips is a great way to get them to stay fresh for a long time. When you want to eat your frozen potato chips, place them in the fridge to thaw. Once thawed you can place them in your pantry. 

Are vegan chips good for dieting?

Some vegan chips can be considered a healthy vegan snack that could be good if you’re trying to keep fit! We would recommend the Sana Coconut Flour Tortilla Chips, or the Garden of Eatin Multigrain Tortilla Chips. 

Are gluten-free chips baked or fried?

That depends, we can’t give a definitive answer here. Gluten-free chips could be baked or fried! If you’re wanting a slightly healthier vegan chip, opt for one that is baked. The Hippeas Sriracha Sunshine Chips are a good example of a chip that is gluten-free and baked!