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Yais Thai
1 review Yais Thai - Red Coconut Curry, 16 Oz
Yais Thai - Red Coconut Curry, 16 Oz
Yai's Thai Red Coconut Curry is a deliciously bold ready-to-eat curry sauce, perfect for an easy anytime dinner! Yai's special recipe red curry paste, creamy coconut milk, and a feisty Thai chili blend pack deep flavor into this sauce. All...
Yais Thai - Almond Thai Sauce, 12 Oz
Thai Almond Sauce from Yai's Thai is a rich, creamy, and versatile take on the iconic Thai peanut sauce. Fresh almonds, Yai's red curry paste, and rich coconut milk are blended with just a bit of tamarind juice to add...
Yais Thai – Pad Thai Sauce, 12 Oz
Yai's Thai Pad Thai Sauce is a healthier way to enjoy this classic Thai noodle dish! Coconut aminos and zero added sugars ensure that this tasty sauce is gluten and soy-free so it can be enjoyed on a paleo or...
Yais Thai - Green Coconut Curry, 16 Oz
Yai's Thai Green Coconut Curry is the perfect ingredient for a quick weeknight Thai dinner. Homemade green curry paste, rich coconut milk, and herbacous fresh basil make this a delicious sauce to serve with any of your favorite veggies or...
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