November 21,2020

DR. Eva Weinlander

Eva Weinlander, MD, is a Clinical Professor in the Department of Medicine, Division of Primary Care and Population Health at Stanford Health Care. She is a seasoned family medicine physician with a passion for high-quality primary care, medical education, primary care research and healthcare professional wellness. As a family medicine physician, Dr. Weinlander sees firsthand the rise in youth making the decision to switch to a plant-based lifestyle, and the positive impact that it’s having on their health. Having had a high cholesterol issue herself, she switched to a plant-based diet and reduced her cholesterol levels by over 20% making her a true believer. With a research-based background, Dr. Weinlander has seen firsthand the positive impact that plant-based eating has on dementia, diabetes and heart disease. PlantX is honored to have Dr. Weinlander on the Medical Advisory Board.