Justin Fields

Brand AmbassadorJustin Fields

Brand AmbassadorJustin Fields

Quarterback Justin Fields was selected by the Chicago Bears in the first round of the 2021 NFL draft, and as such, he knows firsthand about the physical demands of being a top-tier athlete. For Justin, transitioning to a plant-based diet started out as a 28 day challenge/cleanse, but he felt so great that he made the switch permanently. Although some of his strength and conditioning coaches doubted the efficacy of a plant-based lifestyle, Justin (like so many other athletes) proved that he could not only survive on a plant-based diet, but he improved and continues to thrive as well. We’re so happy to have Justin represent PlantX. Check out his favorites below, and shop like a top-tier athlete!

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  • XFood

Justin’s Top 10 Pantry Picks

Justin's Little West Juices