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Vegan Pop Up by XMarket

Vegan Pop Up by XMarket - Venice
2524 Pacific Ave,Venice, CA 90291

Hours: Sun - Sat 8:00 am - 8:00 pm
Phone: (310) 301-2524

Order or pick up ready-made food and groceries from:


Passionate about all things plant based as I’ve been vegan for over seven years. My favourite drink we make is a peppermint matcha latte.


I am Makognon or Mako. I am passionate about organic and sustainable products, because of this, I love Attitude brand cleaning products we sell.


Full time coffee lover, part time artist. My favourite product that we sell is our plant based cinnamon buns, and my favourite drink is a dirty chai latte.

What Our Clients Say...

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Shelly Puri

Excellent shop which happens to be all vegan. Decent grocery selection and, cafe items with seating in the back in a serene atmosphere.
Great place for a meal, and good portion sizes.

P Russell

This place not only has great vegan foods, but carries one of the top 3 croissants I have ever had in my life and it is entirely plant based. Their coffee and breakfast sandwiches cannot be beat. Absolutely amazing!

Stacey Rosenfeld

caprese sandwich was great, the waffles were AMAZING. 10/10. cute supermarket, too!

Melissa “Savage” G.

I like coming here because I have very unique food that you don't normally wouldn't see another stores they have great candles and crystals which I love!
Food and coffee drinks is good here customer service has always been nice that's important for me always


Really cute and unique place. Quick and delicious! The vegan egg tasted so real and the bacon tempeh was also pretty good. Also make sure not to order from DoorDash because they don’t have a DD tablet so they won’t get the order since DD involuntarily signed them up. I made that mistake but they were nice enough to make my order quickly since I was on the run!

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