About Croton

Native to Oceania, Croton plants are incredibly varied and have foliage that ranges from loud greens and yellows to reds and orange mixing together. The beautiful fiery leaves of the Croton make it a stunning indoor houseplant but it also has a reputation for being a bit fussy to take care of with wilting being a common symptom. However, this misunderstood plant is easy to take care of once you get the hang of it and you can add a beautiful pop of color to your room.


The height of your Croton will range between 10” and 15” including the pot height.


Your Croton loves bright and sunny spots and needs to be placed somewhere where it gets at least 4 to 6 hours of sunlight a day. Croton also love humid environments, so make sure to mist the leaves once a week to keep your plant happy.


Keep your Croton away from drafts or cold areas of the house. When you overwater your Croton they may also begin wilting. If you move your Croton frequently you may find your plant to drop a few leaves, this is normal and shows the fussy temperament of your plant.


Croton is known for being a very effective filter of VOCs, or volatile organic compounds. These chemicals are emitted as gases from certain synthetic materials found in home goods.


When the soil begins to dry out, merely soak the soil until it begins draining out the pot’s drainage hole. Croton tends to not be as thirsty as other indoor plants but will let you know if it’s too dry by dropping leaves. Mist the foliage once a week and once you’ve found a nice spot for your Croton, keep it there. Mist once a week to create a humid environment for your Croton and learn to love the moods of this magnificent indoor plant.


Croton is mildly toxic to pets and small children and will cause mouth and stomach irritation if ingested. Keep away from nibbling pets and children.


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