Heart Shaped Bamboo


Add a little good luck to your life with a Lucky Bamboo plant! These plants come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are popular as a gift for any occasion. Their scientific name is Dracaena sanderiana, and they actually originate in the rainforests of Central Africa! The intricate shapes that Lucky Bamboo can be found in are not created by wires or trimming. To shape Lucky Bamboo, growers carefully rotate the plant to manipulate how it grows toward a light source. This heart-shaped pair of bamboo makes a great romantic gift.


This product comes in a number of shapes and sizes. Our Heart Shaped Lucky Bamboo is available as a pair of 8” stems.


Lucky Bamboo prefers sunlight that’s bright but filtered, as though it were coming through a natural rainforest canopy. This plant can grow just as well in the soil as it can in a vase filled with stones and water. In soil, be sure that the soil stays moist but not soaked. When kept in water, be sure to use distilled, bottled, or rainwater, because your municipal water will likely be chlorinated.


This plant prefers bright light but too much direct, harsh light can be damaging. Lucky Bamboo can more easily tolerate low light than it can tolerate direct sunlight. As a rainforest plant, it also dislikes temperatures under 65 degrees Fahrenheit, so be sure your room doesn’t get too cold!

Looking After The Plant

When kept in water, Lucky Bamboo only needs to have its water changed weekly, and only one drop of liquid fertilizer about once a month. In water, you can easily check the roots, which are red when healthy. If the leaves begin to lose their green color, your plant likely needs more light.

Plant Care With Pets and Children

Lucky Bamboo leaves are mildly toxic to both children and pets, so keep them out of reach.”

Heart Shaped Bamboo

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