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About Peace Lily

Vibrant and graceful, the tropical shade-loving Peace Lily is a low-maintenance houseplant that gets its name from the fact its flower resembles that of the calla lily. With enough light, your Peace Lily will produce white flowers in the early summer and bloom through the year.

NASA put the peace lily on its “Top Ten Household Air Cleaning Plants” thanks to its powerful air-purifying properties.


Our Peace Lily comes in two sizes:

4″ Pot: Current height (including pot) and spread: 9″-12″ x 8″-12″
6″ Pot: Current height (including pot) and spread: 15″-22″ x 12″-20″
10″ Pot: Current height (including pot)

The Peace Lily will come pre-planted in healthy compost with a plastic draining grow pot. We advise that you replant your Peace Lily when it arrives in an appropriately sized pot 


Love of indirect sunlight, your Peace Lily will thrive in a shady spot in a brightly lit room. Peace lilies also love humidity so be sure to give them a little misting regularly. If the leaves look a little dusty you can take a damp cloth and wipe them down gently.


Avoid direct sunlight. If the leaves of your Peace Lily begin to yellow then that means the light you’re providing it is too strong.


Peace Lily is one of the Top 10 best air-purifying plants according to NASA and helps to improve indoor air quality by as much as 60% in a home. It can also help reduce the levels of mold spores in the home, making it a great addition to bathroom decor.


Keep the soil most by watering once a week from March to October. You can reduce watering to every 10-15 days during the other parts of the year while allowing the soil to dry out between each watering. To prevent the tips of your peace lily from browning, mist your plant every other day and build a more humid environment.


All parts of the Peace Lily plant contain calcium oxalate—a substance that may cause stomach and respiratory irritation if ingested in large amounts. Peace Lilies are toxic to both cats and dogs and should be kept away from small children.


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  • 4" Pot

  • 6" Pot

  • 10" Pot


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