Snake Plant “whale Fin”| Sansevieria Masoniana


Level: Easy
Other Names: Shark Fin, Mason’s Congo
Pets: Yes
Description: This beautiful hard to find snake plant was originally discovered in the ‘Democratic Republic of the Congo.’ The Whale Fin possesses all the same air-purifying, drought-loving qualities as its cousins. Its unique large single leaf is reminiscent of a whale fin poking up and out of the water making it a must-have amongst plant enthusiasts.
Light: Bright indirect light – low artificial light.
Water: Water once a month or when the leaves have become slightly wrinkled. Allow the soil to become completely dry in between watering.
Cleaning: Wipe down with a damp or dry cloth once a month to remove dust.
Tip: Low light will stunt or slow the growth of your plant. For better results provide more light.

Snake plant “Whale Fin”| Sansevieria masoniana

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