Strawberry Begonia | Saxifraga Stolonifera, 4″


Level: Easy
Other Names: creeping saxifrage, strawberry geranium
Pets: No
Description: Just like the fruit this begonia is mouthwateringly beautiful. The green-blue round leaves are intricately laced with silvery white veins. The leaves are precariously placed atop a thin strawberry-red fuzzy stem. The contrasting red color adorns the underside of each leaf giving it its name.
Originating in Asia as a ground plant, the strawberry begonia has specially adapted stalks called “runners,” much like a spider plant or a true strawberry. When placed in a hanging basket the runner hangs gracefully underneath creating the illusion of a ruffled skirt. Each runner gives life to new plantlets.
Light: Bright filtered light – Medium light
Water: Keep the soil slightly moist allowing for the top 1-2″ of soil to dry in between watering. Watering thoroughly and removing excess water.
Cleaning: Gently spritz with water to remove dust or debris. Trim runners when they become unruly.
Tip: Remove plantlets when they are approximately 2″ or bigger, Plant in damp evenly moist soil, and watch as it takes root over the next few weeks.

Strawberry Begonia | Saxifraga stolonifera, 4″

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