Trailing Jade | Senecio Jacobsenii, 4″


Level: Easy
Other Names: Peperomia Jade
Pets: Yes
Similarly shaped leaves to the standard jade plant, it’s a small surprise that they are not actually related but only share a close resemblance. The trailing Jade is a ground covering plant that gracefully spreads out linearly rather than upwards. This plant looks great in a hanging basket or up on a shelf.
Water sparingly, the thick succulent leaves are designed to hold water and prefer the soil to be dry.
Light: Bright indirect light – Filtered bright light.
Water: Water when the soil is almost completely dry. Every 2 – 4 weeks depending on the environment.
Cleaning: gently spray with water to remove dust or debris.
Tip: Too much water will cause root rot and destroy the plant.

Trailing Jade | Senecio jacobsenii, 4″

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