Zebra Haworthia

About Zebra Haworthia

The Zebra Haworthia is a common household succulent that grows well indoors and perfect for beginners. Whether you are looking to propagate or arrange in different pots for gift-giving, the striped detailing of this succulent makes it perfect for indoor terrariums and centerpieces.


Our succulents are sold individually and come in a variety of shapes and sizes with their own personalities. You succulent will arrive in a plastic nursery pot with a width of 2.5” inches. 

The size of your Zebra Haworthia in the plastic planter pot is 5”; Pot width: 2.5″


Zebra Haworthia often grows best in partial sunlight. If planting outside in your garden, you should choose an area that gets only about 4-6 hours of direct sunlight in the morning. When your succulent is stressed it will often begin to change colors, revealing a deeper red coloration. Too much sun will dry the ends and begin to turn white.


Most succulents will dislike being overwatered, as overwatering will cause the roots of your succulent to begin rotting. If you allow water to pool between the crown of your Zebra Haworthia it may also cause rotting. If this begins to happen, decrease the intervals between each watering period and allow the soil to completely dry between each. You Zebra Haworthia will appreciate it in the long run.


Research suggests that succulents can help remove volatile organic compounds from the air and helping to purify the air in your home.


If you are looking to keep your plant alive then you will only need to water your succulent about once a month. However, if you are looking to grow the Zebra Haworthia and allow it to thrive then you should water it once every two weeks or once a week during warmer temperatures


Zebra Haworthia is pet-safe and non-toxic to both dogs and cats while also being safe for children.

Zebra Haworthia

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