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3 Day Meal Plan

We’re making plant-based meals a No-Brainer in the New Year with PlantX’s meal program. What is it? Simple. We deliver healthy and balanced meals directly to your door when you order at The meals are curated by nutritionists to meet your daily macrobiotic and nutritional needs and prepared by professional chefs to meet your flavor cravings! It’s the ultimate way to stay healthy, and satisfied. You can subscribe to a weekly recurring program, or simply try it out with a one-time fee. Being plant-based and healthy has never been easier or more delicious! You got this! Because we got you.

You will Get

3 Breakfasts
3 Lunches
3 Dinners

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Gluten Free :
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Sample Menu

Enjoy our fresh-made, 100% plant-based meals every week!


Breakfast Wrap

Breakfast Wrap


Umami Grain Bowl

Umami Grain Bowl


Five Spice Jackfruit

Five Spice Jackfruit
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