Albero Della Vita - Grapeseed Oil, 1L

Albero Della Vita - Grapeseed Oil, 1L
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Albero Della Vita - Grapeseed Oil, 1L

Brand - Albero Della Vita
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Quick Description

Introducing Albero Della Vita 100% pure Grapeseed Oil. The ideal cooking companion, perfect for use in sautéing, salads and skincare! 

Key Information

  • Perfect for all-round kitchen use 
  • Contains omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E
  • 100% pure grapeseed oil 
  • Use in your skincare routine

Product Overview

You can be certain that oil created as a byproduct of winemaking is going to be nothing short of fabulous, and there's not much Grapeseed oil can't do!

Albero Della Vita means 'Tree of life', and this Grapeseed Oil is a cut above the rest! Pressed only from the finest crop, this premium Grapeseed oil is a versatile miracle. It's the ideal cooking companion, perfect for both sautéing and salads. 

You can also make it an integral part of your skincare routine. Grapeseed oil contains Vitamin E, a fat-soluble antioxidant that can help protect your cells from damaging free radicals associated with some chronic illnesses. Omega-6 is a polyunsaturated fatty acid crucial for skin function. 

Grapeseed oil is also easily absorbed by your skin and doesn't leave it feeling greasy or oily. This makes it ideal for moisturizing or removing makeup. Just add a few drops to a cotton pad before applying straight to clean skin. 


100% pure Grapeseed oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter which oil I use when cooking?

Some oils are better than others for different purposes. For stir-frying and sautéing, you want an oil with a high smoke point. For salads, you need one with a subtle background flavour that isn't too overpowering.

Fortunately, grapeseed oil has got you covered on both accounts! It has a smoke point of around 215°C, making it a more economical choice than Extra Virgin Olive Oil to use when cooking.

Its 'clean' flavour makes it popular with restaurant chefs for creating salad dressings that allow the flavours of herbs and vinegar to take first place.