Anogstura - Orange Bitters, 100ml

Anogstura - Orange Bitters, 100ml
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Anogstura - Orange Bitters, 100ml

Brand - Angostura
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Quick Description

Lift up your spirits with Angostura Orange Bitters! A small bottle definitely packs a huge punch. They add floral notes and a wonderful citrus taste to drinks.

Key Information

  • Manufactured in ‎Trinidad and Tobago
  • Made from orange peels that are ripened under the Caribbean sun
  • Original recipe remains unchanged since 1824
  • Contains a blend of local herbs and spices
  • Can be used on drinks and can also be used for savoury dishes

Product Overview

You know what they say - a little bit goes a long way. This holds true for Angostura Orange Bitters. Made from refreshing orange peels and a blend of herbs and spices, the Orange Bitters can transform your drinks and even cooking recipes.

A dash or two is normally enough for it to infuse its flavours into drinks because of its high concentration. We really don’t recommend you drink this on its own. Aside from the very strong taste of the bitters, it also has high alcohol content (that’s an alcohol level of 28%).

Bitters are usually mixed in with vodka, gin, and whisky. It is also a fine addition to rum cocktails. Drinks that have bitters added to them will have a more complex taste.

The use of Angostura Orange Bitters isn’t limited to the bar. Did you know you can use this in cooking and baking? Angostura Orange Bitters, in particular, brings a lovely citrus flavour and can liven up savoury dishes. It can be added to sauces and sauce reductions. Bitters can also complement chocolate desserts quite well.

Do be careful when using bitters in the kitchen because this is alcoholic and therefore flammable. Though you use only a few drops or dashes at a time, take care when handling the bottle!


Water, glycerine, alcohol, natural flavours, spices, caramel colour (e150d)

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bitters actually bitter?

Yes. Drinks usually have a sweet and sour taste. A dash of bitters often brings a depth of flavour to drinks and makes them more complete.

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