Bioitalia - Organic Tomato Paste, 200g

Bioitalia - Organic Tomato Paste, 200g

Brand - Bioitalia
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Quick Description

Bioitalia’s Organic Tomato Paste is the perfect base for all sorts of mouth-watering sauces and soups.

Key Information

  • Delectable organic tomato paste
  • Vegan-friendly option
  • Absolutely no added salt
  • Product of Italy
  • Contains no saturated fatty acids

Product Overview

The tomatoes used in Bioitalia’s Organic Tomato Paste are processed within hours of harvest in order to preserve their freshness and flavour. This creates an incredible, authentic and delicious tomato paste that will add wonderful flavour to any soup or sauce it is added to. A must-have in any Italian kitchen, this tomato paste will provide unforgettable meals.


Organic tomatoes.